nvaddtrapdconf failure

1998-10-22 06:29:26
Subject: nvaddtrapdconf failure
From: "Ken Freeman, Woolwich plc" <GBWBSJHS AT IBMMAIL DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 06:29:26 EDT

Once again I am working on the thorny topic of adding definitions of Microsoft
traps to my trapd.conf file.

I have received some details from Microsoft on how to create a list of NT
events that are being translated to traps and from these details I have been
able to create a series of files to add using the nvaddtrapdconf command.

Whilst this processing has been relatively successful I have a couple of
files that fail to merge. The message produced by the failures is as follows:

   # nvaddtrapdconf MicrosoftDNS.traps

   awk: 0602-535 Line Microsoft Origin - $ cannot have more than 99 fields.
    The source line number is 57.
   ERROR: unable to merge files.

The source line number is always 57 but I am not sure if this relates to the
trap definition file or the nvaddtrapconf script.

I have browsed the nvaddtrapdconf script but I am unable to make any sense of
it (I usually use REXX and do not understand AIX scripts).

Can anyone shed any light on what is occurring?
I don't think that the trap definition files are at fault as they are built
using the same REXX exec as those that are successfully merged.

Thanks for any assistance,

Ken Freeman   <gbwbsjhs AT ibmmail DOT com>
Woolwich plc

BTW - I am happy to provide the instructions we received from Microsoft if
      anyone else needs to create definition file(s) for NT traps.

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