Router Discovery Problems

1998-10-20 04:54:41
Subject: Router Discovery Problems
From: Kostas Kottos <K.Kottos AT ASYK.ASE DOT GR>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 10:54:41 +0200

 I am running Netview 4.1 on AIX 4.1.5. Our network backbone  is
consisted of  7500 routers. These routers have several serial and
ethernet interfaces. In one of these routers (say its name is athos) I'm
trying to get it discovered and placed in the map by
one of its ethernet interfaces. I'm putting the address of this ethernet
interface in the seed file.

 The problem is that the node is discovered and placed in the map by one
of its serial interfaces (say its name is athoss00), instead
the one I've just put in the seed file.

After that, I'm deleting node athoss00 and all the references to
athoss00 (objects like athoss00:Serial0/1 etc) from the map and I' m
completely sure that every instance of athoss00 gets deleted  (I check
via the Locate->By Selection Name option from the Rootmap).

 I must note that during this process I have the netmon disabled (as
stated in the manual). The problem with that process is that after I
complete it, I can still see athoss00 references in the topology
database (I checked via ovtopodump, and what's more the objects
aren't even at the Removed state) and also object references  to
athoss00 in the object database (checked via ovobjprint). I have tried
every option of ovtopofix (like -U,-a,-c,-s) but the objects are still
there. When netmon is enabled again it rediscovers athoss00 (Disabling
the interface is a solution not possible because this interface keeps a
line of high importance), instead of athos and places athoss00 in the
map again.

The questions are:

1) How can the discovery process be controlled in order to discover
athos (the entry in the seed file) instead of athoss00 ?
2) How can the entries of an object be deleted from the topology and
object databases after the object gets deleted from the
 map (In normal situation isn't it done automatically)?

Thank you,
Kostas Kottos, ASYK

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