Re: Netview "autosupervision"

1998-10-16 10:16:48
Subject: Re: Netview "autosupervision"
From: "Art C. DeBuigny" <debuigny AT DALLAS DOT NET>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 09:16:48 -0500
We use a product from Boole and Babbage called MAXM.  It periodically
logs into the netview box, scans the status of the daemons, restarts,
and alerts via pager.

Art DeBuigny
debuigny AT dallas DOT net

> Hi everybody,
> I am currently running TME10 Netview 4.1E for Digital Unix (but intend to 
> migrate to TME10 NV5.1 for Digital Unix as soon as available). One of our 
> needs is to detect any Netview internal deamons failure, and either warn the 
> operator for manual action (ovstatus, ovstop/ovstart) or perform some 
> automatic action (stop/restart the failed deamon, stop/restart NV, reboot the 
> computer, ...).
> Is there any mechanism within ovspmd to implement such a facility? Has anyone 
> already tryied to perform some kind of "autosupervision" of Netview and 
> associated applications (we have developped our own WELL_BEHAVED deamons, 
> interfaced with gtm APIs, to manage a specific topology)?
> Thanks for any solution or investigation tracks.
> Luc Barnouin
> Airsys ATM

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