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1998-10-16 08:11:38
Subject: Re: AS400 Traps Format
From: Leslie Clark <lclark AT US.IBM DOT COM>
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Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 08:11:38 -0400
If you happen to be running Nways Manager for AIX in your shop, there is a
component in there that formats those traps as they come in. The traps from
AS/400 are actually SNA NMVTs that are made up of multiple components
of mixed type within one variable binding.  I don't know if such an application
exists outside of Nways, which you probably would not buy just to do this.


Leslie Clark
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NV-L AT UCSBVM.UCSB DOT EDU on 10-15-98 09:06:07 AM
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Subject: Re: AS400 Traps Format

You will have to ask AS/400 what the traps mean and why they are sent the
way that they are.  This is their agent's doing and not NetView's.

The reason that the variable bindings are displayed in hex, even though
they say "octetstring" is because the data sent contains unprintable ascii
characters.  Thus NetView does not know what part of the variable binding
is significant, so he displays it all in hex.  Since "octetstring" is
defined as printable ascii only, the AS/4000 folks are not sending what
they should.  This is their error to fix.   Many other vendors have the
same problem.  It is usually caused by a sloppy programming technique which
pads the variable with binary zeros.  For ascii strings, this should be
blanks or x'20'.

James Shanks
Tivoli (NetView for UNIX) L3 Support

Eric Ortheau <eric.ortheau AT WAT.SAT DOT FR> on 10/15/98 04:23:26 AM

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Subject:  AS400 Traps Format


One of my customers (NV 5.0, AIX 4.2.1) started SNMP on his AS400s and
is now receiving traps that are badly formatted :

Wed Sep 30 12:49:13 1998 n0332 u Trap: generic 6 specific 0 args (2):

[1] enterprises.ibm.ibmArchitecture. (OctetString): 0x01
61 12 12 01 5d 00 00 0b ...

[2] enterprises.ibm.ibmArchitecture. (OctetString): 0xd5
f0 f3 f3 f2 40 40 40 20 ...

Regarding that, I have three questions :

* Does anybody know what is the meaning of the specific trap 0 for AS400

* Does anybody know why these traps come sometimes with one variable
bindings, and sometimes
with two variable bindings ?

* How can I have NetView translate the Octet String value of the
variable bindings ?

Thank's in advance.

Network Architecture and Administration Consultant
eric.ortheau AT synopse DOT fr

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