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1998-10-14 13:35:56
Subject: Re: snmpcdmp (snmpColDump)
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Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 13:35:56 -0400
No, ODBC is an NT thing, not a UNIX thing.  I thought Jeffery was very
careful in pointing out that what he had to say was about NetView for NT.
There is no default relational database in UNIX.  If you want one, then you
have to buy one.  And if you want to use it with NetView for UNIX, then you
will need to obtain Tivoli's RIM as well.  Since there is no native
relational db in UNIX, and every one of them is different, then you either
must provide an interface tool (like RIM) or try to support the various
popular RDMS vendors in the NetView code itself.  That's what was done in
version prior to Version 5, and it did not work well.  The RDMS vendors
kept changing their libraries and APIs and NetView could not keep up, so it
could only support certain versions.  RIM offers us more flexibility.

But without a native relational database, you must find a reporting package
designed especially for NetView's snmpCollect or trap data, whatever you
want to report on.  There are several available which have been mentioned
on this forum before (Tavve has one, Empire has one, and there are others).

James Shanks
Tivoli (NetView for UNIX) L3 Support

Ziyad A Choudhury <ziyad AT US.IBM DOT COM> on 10/14/98 11:33:42 AM

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Subject:  Re: snmpcdmp (snmpColDump)

Hi there,
This ODBC solution for Netview/ NT does it also apply to other versions for
UNIX for example AIX 4.2. I mean does the system also save the data in ODBC
format and can I also access the data via crystal reports.......


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Subject: Re: snmpcdmp (snmpColDump)

Vince [email protected]
14/10/98 08:48 AM

This sounds great if you're running Netview on NT, but in our shop at this
time they are sticking with Netview on DIgital UNIX.   Are there as many
varied and simple solutions in the UNIX environment?

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>I think we all have the same problem producing reports. The easiest way
>to produce reports from routers seems to be mrtg

With NetView/NT, the collected SNMP data is stored directly into a
relational database.
As such, you can use most any reporting tool to directly access the data
via ODBC.  Crystal
Reports works just fine using this technique.  Also remember that you have
command.  This is a meta-data driven export program that moves OVWDB data
a set of relational database tables.  There are a set of defaults but it is
meta-data driven
so if you don't like the tables we create or the fields we export - just
change them.

So now you can get Topo data, OVWDB data, SNMP collect data, and Event data
relational databases and spend a couple hundred dollars to get a superstar,
off-the-shelf reporting package to access this data directly.  Go for it.


PS: What is MRTG?

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