User Profile Customization...

1998-10-14 13:27:57
Subject: User Profile Customization...
From: Sean Goldsworthy <seang AT CA.IBM DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 13:27:57 -0400
Hello All.

I am running the following....

Netview 5.1/FrameWork 3.6 on AIX 4.2.1

I am trying to do some user profile customization. I have three netview users,
root, oper1, and oper2.
I want to customize root's .profile in the following manner....

 .dtprofile will be  customized in order to run the .profile in DCE


 .profile will be  also customized including the setup of  TIVOLI
Netview environment.

 . /etc/Tivoli/setup_env.sh
 set -o vi

When I reboot and log back in as root, I cannot start the CDE, I give the
correct pasword and I get kicked back out before the CDE comes up.
I have determined that it is the line   . /etc/Tivoli/setup_env.sh    which is
giving me the problem. Does anyone know why??
I would have to execute this command anyway in order to setup the Tivoli
environment d that I can run Netview. What is the link with the CDE??

Any help/info appreciated.


Sean Goldsworthy.

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