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1998-10-06 11:02:30
Subject: Re: Ruleset
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Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 11:02:30 -0400
If you are not using NetView V5.1 for this, then I urge you to get there.
You need maintenance that is critical to this function.

When you set the initial event stream to PASS then all incoming events are
forwarded to the display no matter what else you do in the ruleset.  They
would have to be blocked with a block node later if you wanted to stop
them.  So PASS is not what you want an BLOCK is.

Then what you need is trap settings node, to pick out what traps you want
this query to be done for.  You should not do a query without specifying
what traps to look at first.  There are too many traps coming in to your
system (including all the ones marked "Log only") to do a query collection
on each one.   If you insist on doing that, you will increase the  amount
of storage nvcorrd uses considerably and you can slow it down to a crawl,
since every query will require two ovwdb calls to resolve, and nvcorrd has
to wait for the answers.

In the Query Database Collection node, you have to tell the nvcorrd daemon
which part of the incoming trap he should use in the query, what variable
contains the hostname that you want to check is in the collection.
 For NetView traps this is usually  just 2, the second variable of all
netmon traps is the hostname.  "Origin" means the sending agent's address,
and this  is useful for other sources.  It should work for netmon traps
too; however, but this did not work in NetView V5.0 and this was fixed in

Even after you set this up correctly, your workspace will be blank until
you get a trap which matches all the criteria in the  ruleset -- the right
traps number and from host which is in your collection.  No others will be

Hope this helps

James Shanks
Tivoli (NetView for UNIX) L3 Support

Dimitri Setti <Dimitri.Setti AT FCCRT DOT IT> on 10/06/98 11:19:26 AM

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cc:    (bcc: James Shanks)
Subject:  Ruleset

Hi at all,

my problem concern Ruleset definition.

I have created a Collection of my routers,
called  'myRouters'; test of this collection is ok.
afterward, I create a ruleset :  I have default action for Event Stream set
to 'pass',
then I put a Query Database Collection, where I select Object ID Origin=2
Collection=myRouters;  finally I forward to event display.

Unfortunately when I generate a Workspace based on this ruleset, all (say
all  !!)
events pass in the windows, not only those created from my routers.
If I change default action for events stream in Block, my WorkSpace is

Where do I make a mistake?
Is anybody that could help me?

Another question: what is Object ID Origin? where can I found some
about this variable? there are 50 Object ID Origin !!!

thank you

Sorry for my english.....

dimitri setti

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