APAR Numbers?

1998-09-30 20:20:51
Subject: APAR Numbers?
From: "Robak, Richard" <richard.robak AT INTEL DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 17:20:51 -0700

    A while back, a message describing the following Year 2000 fixes
included in PTF U453385.  I've looked through the APAR listing
of this PTF and see none of these fixes documented.  Where can
I find this information documented?

    1) Some logs in /usr/OV/log have misleading dates in their timestamps.
        One said "1900" for "2000", others said "100" (UNIX programmers will
        recognize "100" as the output of the mktime command  -- see the man
        These did not affect anything, except that they look funny.  They
have all
        been fixed.

    2) Using the filter editor you could not set a viewing filter based on
        date and time in the year 2000.   The GUI only accepts two-digit
dates and
        this meant that "00" was interpreted as 1969, before the start of
the UNIX
        clock.  This has been fixed, though the GUI still only accepts 2
        This one defect is the only one which could have been called a bug,
but it
        is in a feature very few people use.    And you could still use the
        facility of the Events workspace as an alternative, so it is a very
        one indeed.  And it has been fixed.

    3) A sample in the xnmgraph man page for graphing random values fails at
        exactly 00/00/00 (the stroke of midnight) because you cannot divide
        zero.  Start it up again at one minute after midnight and it would
run just
        fine.  This has been fixed so that it runs through midnight too.


Richard Robak
Telephone: (916) 356-4218
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