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1998-09-30 11:19:55
Subject: Re: Trap customization question
From: Adriana Gomes <agomes AT VE.IBM DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 10:19:55 -0500
To:   nv-l AT ucsbvm.ucsb DOT edu


Hello again!

As you recommend me, due to create specific events for Cisco Catalyst 1924
switches when NetView is receiving specific traps, I created a script file,
which contain addtrap commands for adding all these traps. Although, there
is a conflict between newRoot specific trap number (1) and switch
Diagnostic specific trap number (1), because they are originally from
different enterprise trap groups (newRoot came from Bridge trap
definitions, and switchDiagnostic came from series2000 trap definitions).
Then, NetView doesn't let me add the source trap nodes from map in
switchDiagnostic, and shows the follow error message:

"Trying to modify to use a source already defined by event format

Can I modify the switchDiagnostic specific trap number for another, like 6,
for example, without avoid the recognition from NetView if the agent send
to NetView a switch Diagnostic trap?. How can I solve this error without
affecting getting and recognition all traps I want to get from Cisco
Catalyst 1924 switches?

The traps defined in the new enterprise trap group I created, called
Catalyst_1924 (, is shown as follow:

coldStart_1924        Cold Start  Cleared  Default ...
warmStart_1924        Warm Start  Cleared  Default ...
LinkDown_1924         Link Down   Major    Default ...
LinkUp_1924           Link Up     Cleared  Default ...
logonIntruder_1924    Specific 0  Critical Default ...
newRoot_1924          Specific 1  Critical Default ...
switchDiagnostic_1924 Specific 1  Critical Default   topologyChange_1924
Specific 2  Minor    Default ...
addressViolation_1924 Specific 3  Critical Default ...
broadcastStorm_1924   Specific 4  Critical Default ...
rpsFailed_1924        Specific 5  Major    Default ...

Thanks in advance,

Adriana Gomes N.
Phone: (582) 9088615.   Tie-line: 777-8615
Address: Av. Ernesto Blohm, Ed. IBM. Chuao. Caracas, Venezuela.
e-mail: agomes AT ve.ibm DOT com

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