Programs for reporting

1998-09-29 05:13:12
Subject: Programs for reporting
From: Kostas Kottos <K.Kottos AT ASYK.ASE DOT GR>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 11:13:12 +0200

  We are currently running Netview 4.1, but the plans are for Netview
5.1 under TME10 Framework. Can anyone suggest companion
programs (better it they were Tivoly-Ready programs but anything else
would be fine also) in order to produce reports and statistics about
network utilization. We also want to keep historical data in order to
produce reports about the network behavior in the long-term.

  The  network is  consisted of Cisco products. We are currently using
Mrtg, which is great for some purposes, but it doesn't do well with
historical data. The great thing with this product is that the reports
can be read using a Web browser (html pages). Is there an analogous
package with analogous functionality and capability of managing
historical  data?

 Thank you,
Kostas Kottos
ASYK, Greece

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