Re: Traps appearing in a hex format

1998-09-21 13:22:19
Subject: Re: Traps appearing in a hex format
From: James_Shanks AT TIVOLI DOT COM
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 13:22:19 -0400
Does your message end with one or more bytes of x'00'?   Or does it contain
other unprintable hex values?  If so, then that is the problem.  If  an
agent sends a trap, and the trap says that what follows is an ASCII octet
string (which should be only printable characters) but the variable
contains unprintable characters (such as nulls) then the entire variable is
displayed in hex.  Trapd cannot determine what part of the hex string is
valuable and which is not, so it just displays all of it.

If this is the source of the problem, then your only recourse is to
complain to the vendor of the agent sending the trap and get him to fix it.

James Shanks
Tivoli (NetView for UNIX) L3 Support

"Pretorius, Vynita" <VPretorius AT FNB.CO DOT ZA> on 09/21/98 12:09:50 PM

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cc:    (bcc: James Shanks)
Subject:  Traps appearing in a hex format


I have Seagate Backup exec v7.0 loaded onto NT ver4 and Service pack 3.
a backup fails it send a message to the Netview manager  station. Netview
/Aix 4.1.2 Aix 4.1.5. I can see the message but it is in hex.

I have loaded the events into the event configuration and it has updated
trapd.conf that is in /usr/OV/conf/C/trapd.conf.
I have changed the Event log message in the configuration to $S and I get
that information.
The event log message is $1 $2 $3 $4 but none of these are displaying the
What is causing this problem and how can I rectify it ?

Vynita P

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