Re: Nways - space vanishing in /tmp

1998-09-18 11:47:25
Subject: Re: Nways - space vanishing in /tmp
From: Thomas Seidel <seidelt AT DBF.DDB DOT DE>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 15:48:25 +0001
> NV for AIX V5.0, Nways 1.2.1 full suite, AIX 4.2.1...
> I have seen a scenario twice now where after rebooting the machine, my
> /tmp has around 65Mb free of a 72Mb filesystem.  Sometime subsequently
> after NV and Nways have been running for, say, 3 hours, /tmp is at 100%
> utilisation.  If I do a "du" disk used, only around 6 Mb is used - LOST
> 60+Mb!!!  I believe this can be caused if the Op Sys opens lots of
> files, deletes them but the controlling process doesn't terminate.
> Certainly there is often continuous disk rattle on the system.

If an application opens a file and writes a lot of stuff in it, AIX allocates
the disk blocks, so "df" will report the used space, but the directory entry
will be updated when the app closes the file ("du" sums up these entries).

Shuting down NV (with daemons) will propabely show you a big file in /tmp. If
not, check for a file with size 0 in /tmp when NV is running. This may be a
good candidate for getting closer to the problem.


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