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1998-09-16 10:18:13
Subject: Re: nvevents
From: Vladimir Petr <petr AT DATASYS DOT CZ>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 16:18:13 +0200

the events that show up in the events window after startup come from
the nvcorrd that stores 25 last events in his cache and the events
from the ovevent.log that have come after the last application's run
(if incorrect please correct me).If you have the event window open new events
are coming from nvcorrd to nvserverd and then to nvevents. 
The number of events displayed can be
changed in the /usr/OV/app-defaults/Nvevents file.

The ovevent.log is maintained by the ovelmd daemon and viewed in the
Event History application window (nvela). You are right in that the
event log is backed up after it is full or its size has been changed
to be smaller; new log file is then created. You can change the size
temporarily in the event history appl. To change it permanently, you
must use the -s option for ovelmd in his lrf or via TME 10 Desktop.

I think new events to go via trapd, nvcorrd and nvserverd to nvevents and from
trapd to pmd, ovesmd and ovelmd to ovevent.log.

Do you have any filters defined and active? Is your display env. being
saved when exiting and loaded after startup? Does ovelmd log events? What is the
size of the log?

Hope this helps.
Best regards,

Alain Menezes wrote:
> Hi,
> When I launch the netview interface my events window is empty (most of
> the times). How can I configure NetView to keep more events (thus older
> ones) visible in the nvevents window ?
> The way I understand trap processing, the nvevents app shows the events
> that are logged in ovevents.log (that are also written in trapd.log);
> once a max number of events reached the ovevents file is purged. Can
> anyone confirm this ?
> Thanks
> Al
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