Re: Distribution of NetView 5.1

1998-09-10 19:04:46
Subject: Re: Distribution of NetView 5.1
From: Volkmar Binder <vbinder AT IBM DOT NET>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 00:04:46 +0100
Hi Mark,

you won't remember me ;=))  We,  a group of four people from ITSO and
Dave Shogren, visited you in June '98 at your workplace in RTP and had
a short talk. We also met you at the ITSO location Harisson Road, Cary.
Your list is great and a guess that's what people missed so far.
I have one easy additional question: Announce and availabilty date of
TME 10 NetView 5.1. Can you help?
Volkmar Binder, Germany

Mark_Sklenarik AT TIVOLI DOT COM wrote:
>                NetView Info Flash
> **********************************************************************
> ******* Date: 8/17/98
> ******* Product and Revision: NetView 5.1 pre-release info
> *******   Abstract:
>      Below is a fairly detailed list of what new features
>      are found on NetView for distributed networks to give
>      the field a heads up on the product.  Following the list
>      of features is an extensive list of defects that were
>      fixed with the associative APAR number next to them.
> *******   Brief:
>      The   following   section  describes  all  of  the  new  capabilities,
>      functionality and enhancements found in this release of TME10 NetView.
>  Support for RS/6000 AIX 4.3
>      TME10 NetView V5R1 now runs and is supported on AIX 4.3.
>  Support for SUN Solaris 2.6
>      TME10  NetView  V5R1  now  runs  and  is  supported on the SUN Solaris
>      operating system version 2.6.
>  Additional TME10 Framework Servers for Installation
>      TME10  NetView V5R1 may now be installed on TMR nodes from TMR Servers
>      on platforms other than those that execute TME10 NetView.  In addition
>      to being able to install TME10 NetView from AIX, Digital UNIX, and SUN
>      Solaris  platforms,  it  may  also be installed on appropriate systems
>      from  HPUX and Windows NT platforms running the TME10 Framework Server
>      software.
>  Heterogeneous Client/Server Configurations
>      TME10   NetView   V5R1   now   supports   heterogeneous  client/server
>      configurations  between  AIX  and  Solaris platforms.  A TME10 NetView
>      V5R1  client  may  now  be installed on a Solaris platform to interact
>      with  a  TME10 NetView V5R1 Server on an AIX platform, and vice versa.
>      Heterogeneous  client/server configurations involving the Digital UNIX
>      and WindowsNT platforms remain unsupported.
>  Internet Explorer V4.0 Compatibility
>      In addition to allowing NetScape 4.0 to run a web client attached to a
>      TME10  NetView  server,  TME10  NetView  V5R1  now allows the Internet
>      Explorer (version 4.0) browser to act as a web client.
>  Additional DynaText Support
>      TME10 NetView V5R1 now supports DynaText browser version 3.1.
>      In  addition,  a new script has been written to delete DynaText from a
>      TME10 NetView installation.  It can be found in the /MUSTSEE directory
>      of  the TME10 NetView CDROM or, if a recent version of TME10 Framework
>      has   been   installed,   in  the  $BINDIR/bin  directory.
>  Web/Vendor Integration
>      A  series  of enhancements have been made to the NetView Web Interface
>      to  allow  vendors and customers to more tightly integrate non-NetView
>      web  interfaces.
>  Enhanced Web Security
>      The  web  client  security  has  been  integrated  with NetView Server
>      security.   Web  operators  will  now log on using NetView userids and
>      passwords.  All web users will be in the "web" group on the server.
>  Improved Performance for Web Client
>      The  communications  between  the  web client and the server have been
>      redesigned.   The  new  design  is  much faster, uses far fewer server
>      resources, and is more robust.
>      The screen painting operations have been programmed to be much faster.
>      Screen  updates  for  status  changes  have  been optimized.  This has
>      increased the number of icons that can be monitored on a given submap.
>      Detailed submaps have replaced the summary submap views.
>  Database Enhancements
>      Improvements  have  been  made to the NetView Database Management code
>      (the  NDBM  component) to address performance improvements for the AIX
>      version  of  TME10  NetView.
>  New Submap Sorting Functionality
>      A new menu item has been added by which the symbols on a submap can be
>      sorted  by one or more object properties.  Select "Submap->Sort By" on
>      the  NetView  GUI  to see a list of object properties that can be used
>      for  the  sort.   For  example, the symbols can be sorted by label, IP
>      Address,  Status,  and  many  others.   This  function  can be used to
>      quickly find a particular node or see holes in the IP address ranges.
>      New  nodes  added to the submap will be placed in the correct location
>      based  on the sorting option currently chosen.  However, if sorting is
>      being  done  by status, the submap layout will not be redone everytime
>      the  status  of  a  node  changes.In  order to get status updates, the
>      Submap -> Sort by option must either be selected again, or the View ->
>      Redo   Layout   option  must  be  selected.   The  same  is  true  for
>      user-modified fields such as "Label".
>      Submap  sorting  is only available for bus and row/column submaps.  It
>      is not available for read-only maps, or map snapshots.
>  New Status Filtering Functionality
>      A new menu item has been added by which symbols of a particular status
>      can be hidden on a submap.  Select "View->Filter By Status" and toggle
>      the  appropriate  menu  item to hide all of the symbols of that status
>      color.   Toggle  the  menu item off to redisplay them.  Note that this
>      function  is  not  dynamic:  a hidden symbol which changes status will
>      remain  hidden,  and visible symbols which change to a filtered status
>      remain displayed.
>  New Command nvsniffer
>      The   new  nvsniffer  command  (/usr/OV/bin/nvsniffer)  traverses  all
>      NetView managed nodes and searches for defined TCP services running on
>      well-known  ports.   The existence of these services are placed within
>      the  NetView object database via boolean values.
>  New Command nvwakeup
>      The new nvwakeup command (/usr/OV/bin/nvwakeup) implements Wake-on-LAN
>      functionality  in  TME10  NetView.   This  tool  can be used to wake a
>      machine up that is compliant with the "Magic Packet" specification for
>      wake-up  nodes.   This  includes  special software and hardware on the
>      target  platform.
>  New Command nvdbimport
>      The  new nvdbimport command (/usr/OV/bin/nvdbimport) is used to import
>      object  field values into the NetView Object Database.  It is targeted
>      at importing multiple field values for a large number of objects using
>      a  batch methodology.
>  New Command nvdbformat
>      The new nvdbformat command (/usr/OV/bin/nvdbformat) is used to extract
>      object  field  values  from  the  NetView database based upon a set of
>      selection  rules.   The  output  is in the form of a mail-merge model.
>  New Command ovwexit
>      The  new  ovwexit  command  (/usr/OV/bin/ovwexit)  is used to exit the
>      NetView  GUI from the command line.  This feature only brings down the
>      GUI  on  the  machine the GUI is executing on.  Remote client GUIs are
>      not affected by this command.
>  New Command chmod_web_ovw
>      The  new  chmod_web_ovw command (/usr/OV/bin/chmod_web_ovw) is used to
>      give or block access to the maps.  The syntax for the command is:
>      # chmod_web_ovw  -a | -d
>      where:
>      -a  Allow non-root user to start the GUI with web function on.
>      -d  Allow only root user to start GUI with web function on (DEFAULT).
>  New Migration Tool chktrapd.con
>      The  new  chktrapd.con  script (in the /MUSTSEE directory of the TME10
>      NetView   CDROM   ,   or   in   /usr/OV/install/tools  with  the  name
>      checktrapdconf)  can  be  executed  by  the user prior to migration to
>      check  the trapd.conf file for any lines or sections that are too long
>      (having  more  than 99 fields).  Executing this script gives users the
>      opportunity  to  correct  the  trapd.conf  file prior to attempting to
>      migrate  a  previous  TME10 NetView installation.  The syntax for this
>      tool is:
>      # chktrapd.con <File-Name>
>      where  <File-Name>  is the full path name of the trapd.conf file to be
>      checked.   If  no file is given as an argument, the script prompts for
>      the  file  name.   The  errors  found  by  the  script  are  output to
>      /tmp/trapd.confchk.
>  Enhanced Interconnection with TME10 Enterprise Console
>      The OVW application daemon dispsub, which displays a submap based on a
>      request  from  the TME10 Enterprise Console (T/EC), has been enhanced.
>      When  a  user  selects  an  event  from  T/EC  and  asks  to  see  the
>      corresponding  node  in a NetView submap, a trap is sent to dispsub on
>      the configured NetView server.  The dispsub daemon will then highlight
>      the  appropriate  symbol  in  the  requested  submap  if  it  is being
>      displayed.   If  the  requested submap is not being displayed, nothing
>      will  be highlighted.  If no specific submap is specified by the user,
>      then  the  symbol  will  be  highlighted  in  each map currently being
>      displayed  by  the  NetView server.  If only one symbol exists for the
>      requested  object, it will be highlighted.  If multiple symbols exist,
>      dispsub  will select the first of ipmap's symbols it finds to display.
>      If  no  ipmap symbol exists, it will simply choose the first symbol it
>      finds.
>  Year 2000 Compliancy
>      TME10 NetView V5R1 is Year 2000 compliant.
>  Log File Name Change
>      The  name  of  the  nv6000.log  file can now be changed.  The name and
>      location  for  this  file  can  be  modified via the TME10 desktop GUI
>      interface  by selecting "Control" and then "Start User Interface".  To
>      make a change, just overtype the name of the log file on the panel.
>  Defects Fixed for TME10 NetView V5R1
>      The  following  is  a  list of the customer reported problems fixed in
>      this release of TME10 NetView.
>        IX69596 = WinSNMP APIs that do not work need to be documented.
>        IX69619 = Ruleset editor not highliting trap settings in KANJI.
>        IX70094 = Nvsecd memory leak of 32k with each login.
>        IX70413 = Trapgend dies when system VPD has manual entries.
>        IX70464 = Netmon core after U449573 with the latest netmon e-fix.
>        IX70548 = Netmon core.
>        IX70838 = Network object duplicated in object database.
>        IX71304 = NetView GUI crashes with fatal ovw and ipmap errors.
>        IX71578 = No status update occuring on fully-named collection items.
>        IX71755 = Large trap> 1024 bytes causes trapd to core.
>        IX71824 = Snmpselect uses high cpu.
>        IX71831 = APM fails if policy name same as target collection name.
>        IX71876 = Found a core while watching ipmap falling over.
>        IX71928 = Symbol colors/ip status mismatch.
>        IX71982 = Printtool cores when run in telnet session.
>        IX72229 = Large ruleset strings overrun pbuffer in objectsig.
>        IX72232 = Ovtopmd core at U450745 + ptf efix.
>        IX72506 = At PTF U450745 netview systems no longer limit discovery.
>        IX72672 = Gtmd manage/unmanage problem with U450745.
>        IX72720 = IP interface label changed back to default.
>        IX72913 = Ovmapcount does not clean up negative maps mgd field.
>        IX72979 = SYBASE prepsyblib message undefined symbol when loading.
>        IX73048 = Snmpcollect cores when unable to resolve target host name.
>        IX73066 = Traps to tivoli TEC are incorrect.
>        IX73134 = After PTF U449573, nvauth cannot change user password.
>        IX73135 = Gtm api call cores.
>        IX73195 = Getting an error in the gtm.trace.
>        IX73245 = DOC APAR - nmpolling man page update.
>        IX73259 = After mlm up netmon fails to stop polling mlm nodes.
>        IX73316 = Netmon core using 2nd fix.
>        IX73498 = Message: no configured event defined for enterprise.
>        IX73520 = Framework display error when using NetView functions.
>        IX73648 = NV 5 - NetView specific Frm.  Patch can't be installed.
>        IX73661 = NetView icon created on non-installed managed node.
>        IX73789 = Correcting xnmsnmpconf core on Digital UNIX.
>        IX73920 = Mlm on NT distribution errors (map not updating).
>        IX73976 = The status icon color is not updated.
>        IX73985 = setthresh command does not accept hostnames with -.
>        IX73987 = Web client: ovw must be run by root to view maps.
>        IX73990 = Web Client: View graphics only working on root submap.
>        IX74163 = Extra netviewwebserver processes created with web client.
>        IX74410 = Ovtopmd core at PTF U451880.
>        IX74449 = Can't start ovtopmd with SQL=yes at PTF U451880.
>        IX74486 = Web client can't demand poll when server security on.
>        IX74495 = Ovtopmd core at NV V5 sun solaris.
>        IX74533 = Buffer overflow causes trapd to exit on signal 2.
>        IX74673 = Nvserverd cores on TEC trap.
>        IX75037 = Some submaps/objects randomly not displayed.
>        IX75167 = Netmon core at NV V5 GA w/ netmon efix.
>        IX75193 = Setdatabase field fails in ruleset.
>        IX75232 = SNMPAPI_CONTEXT_INVALID return with V2C agent.
>        IX75321 = Nvlockd crashes with very heavy network traffic.
>        IX75352 = /usr/OV/databases/snmpcollect/ file names wrong.
>        IX75354 = 2210 interface icons disappear.
>        IX75376 = Xnmloadmib cores when loading customer mib.
>        IX75379 = Ovsnmperr.h error in V4 appears to be from V3.
>        IX75396 = Wrong maps displayed when opening them thru SMIT.
>        IX75589 = Nodes in mlm manager submap remain blue.
>        IX75631 = db2 scripts not running at NV V5.
>        IX75720 = Security configuration script contains syntax errors.
>        IX75728 = Xnmmibload2 error with vendor mibs (such as 3com).
>        IX75806 = Ovtopmd core at AIX PTF U451880.
>        IX75917 = tralertdfc cores when started.
>        IX76070 = Trapd displays duplicate codepoint descriptions.
>        IX76072 = Smconvert -r provides incorrect output.
>        IX76074 = Error reporting invalid enumerator at startup.
>        IX76077 = Netmon sets incorrect trap destination on MLMs.
>        IX76094 = Ruleset with query database collection not working.
>        IX76102 = Netmon fails to obtain community name from coldb.pag
>        IX76198 = V4 to V5 migration corrupts xnmtrap security file.
>        IX76226 = Unable to create map snapshot on NetView V5.
>        IX76287 = Trapd.conf migration gets SEV_1_ERR_BCFG_081B error.
>        IX76478 = Collection with isCard=True displays incorrectly.
>        IX76490 = AIX/NV Fields only displaying numeric characters.
>        IX76493 = C5eui core dumps when exiting from NetView V5 eui.
>        IX76595 = Migrate install failed when NODES keyword in traps.

>        IX76654 = Web client cannot sign on to AIX 4,3 Web Server.
>        IX76659 = Gtm does not save its database at U451880.
>        IX76817 = Web Client hangs with loading symbols XX% pop-up.
>        IX76936 = IPMap cores when looking at nways java interface.
>        IX76949 = nvcorrd cores if hostname is larger than 256 bytes.
>        IX77394 = Ovmapcount -b produces confusing output.
>        IX77414 = File TME10.NetView.MIBInit appears in random places.
>        IX77424 = NVTurboDatabase clobbers mapdb object.
>        IX77425 = Web Client not displaying properly with MIB browser.
>        IX77438 = OVW hangs with a blank window.
>        IX77540 = Netmon polls hub interfaces only on MLM down event.
>        IX77608 = Printtool menu option and toolbar grayed out.
>        IX77619 = nvutil r operation takes 3+ minutes to complete.
>        IX77753 = FilterEd cores with U451880.
>        IX77757 = Netmon dies with signal 11 during demand poll.
>        IX77790 = NVSECD_ADMIN core if userid filename> 11 chars.
>        IX77907 = Mib2Trap fails to set default severity for addtrap.
>        IX77919 = Memory leaks in pass-on-match/reset-on-match dnodes.
>        IX78081 = NVlockD is coring again.
>        IX78136 = NVS_ISCLIENTAUTHORIZED returns incorrect value.
>        IX78145 = Diagnostic ping does not show correct IP address.
>        IX78272 = Filter editor will not add from map in some cases.
>        IX78325 = reset_ci not giving correct nameserver name.
>        IX78419 = nv6000.log filled with "select failed" warnings.
>        IX78482 = Certain bitmaps not showing properly when compiled.
>        IX78567 = Environment variables set in /etc/netnmrc.pre lost.
>        IX78731 = V4 to V5 migration fails with SEV_2 ERR_BCFG_055.
>        IX78735 = /usr/OV/conf/snmpcolfiles get corrupted.
>        IX78744 = Compare mib variable fails w/o nvcdebug option on.
>        IX78778 = Priority option in NVPAGE different than documented.
>        IX78965 = Truncation happens to slot map definition in TEC.
>        IX79023 = When 'netmon -a 50' is run, no collections created.
>        IX79028 = MLM alias table not updated with APM collection.
>        IX79071 = nvlockd fails and gtmd no longer updates map.
>        IX79087 = NetView crash when closing submap window.
>        IX79167 = PRINTF in slot definition causes nvserverd core.
>        IX79182 = Status poll of large routers causes perf.  problem.
>        IX79299 = OVsnmpFixPdu sometimes garbles community name.
>        IX79536 = Filter with enterprise ID> 80 freezes event window.
>        IX79654 = Problem w/ closedate in /usr/OV/bin/trapd.log_maint
> *******   Summary:
>      Utilize this info to help you and your field counterparts
>      to increase potential sales opportunities as well as ease
>      the worries of customers that are soon to migrate to the
>      new NetView 5.1.
> *******   Other Info:
>      This information will be put on the MOT within the next week.
>      There will be another NetView Info Flash with the NIF pages
>      link.  I hope to have these info flashes up on the MOT within
>      the same, or next, day of sending them out.
> *******   Associative Web Pages:
>      None at this time.
> ******    As always, please send any comments to
>      Will at the below email address.
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