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1998-09-10 14:54:26
Subject: Re: Distribution of NetView 5.1
From: Mark_Sklenarik AT TIVOLI DOT COM
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Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 14:54:26 -0400
               NetView Info Flash

******* Date: 8/17/98

******* Product and Revision: NetView 5.1 pre-release info

*******   Abstract:

     Below is a fairly detailed list of what new features
     are found on NetView for distributed networks to give
     the field a heads up on the product.  Following the list
     of features is an extensive list of defects that were
     fixed with the associative APAR number next to them.

*******   Brief:


     The   following   section  describes  all  of  the  new  capabilities,
     functionality and enhancements found in this release of TME10 NetView.

 Support for RS/6000 AIX 4.3

     TME10 NetView V5R1 now runs and is supported on AIX 4.3.

 Support for SUN Solaris 2.6

     TME10  NetView  V5R1  now  runs  and  is  supported on the SUN Solaris
     operating system version 2.6.

 Additional TME10 Framework Servers for Installation

     TME10  NetView V5R1 may now be installed on TMR nodes from TMR Servers
     on platforms other than those that execute TME10 NetView.  In addition
     to being able to install TME10 NetView from AIX, Digital UNIX, and SUN
     Solaris  platforms,  it  may  also be installed on appropriate systems
     from  HPUX and Windows NT platforms running the TME10 Framework Server

 Heterogeneous Client/Server Configurations

     TME10   NetView   V5R1   now   supports   heterogeneous  client/server
     configurations  between  AIX  and  Solaris platforms.  A TME10 NetView
     V5R1  client  may  now  be installed on a Solaris platform to interact
     with  a  TME10 NetView V5R1 Server on an AIX platform, and vice versa.
     Heterogeneous  client/server configurations involving the Digital UNIX
     and WindowsNT platforms remain unsupported.

 Internet Explorer V4.0 Compatibility

     In addition to allowing NetScape 4.0 to run a web client attached to a
     TME10  NetView  server,  TME10  NetView  V5R1  now allows the Internet
     Explorer (version 4.0) browser to act as a web client.

 Additional DynaText Support

     TME10 NetView V5R1 now supports DynaText browser version 3.1.

     In  addition,  a new script has been written to delete DynaText from a
     TME10 NetView installation.  It can be found in the /MUSTSEE directory
     of  the TME10 NetView CDROM or, if a recent version of TME10 Framework
     has   been   installed,   in  the  $BINDIR/bin  directory.

 Web/Vendor Integration

     A  series  of enhancements have been made to the NetView Web Interface
     to  allow  vendors and customers to more tightly integrate non-NetView
     web  interfaces.

 Enhanced Web Security

     The  web  client  security  has  been  integrated  with NetView Server
     security.   Web  operators  will  now log on using NetView userids and
     passwords.  All web users will be in the "web" group on the server.

 Improved Performance for Web Client

     The  communications  between  the  web client and the server have been
     redesigned.   The  new  design  is  much faster, uses far fewer server
     resources, and is more robust.

     The screen painting operations have been programmed to be much faster.
     Screen  updates  for  status  changes  have  been optimized.  This has
     increased the number of icons that can be monitored on a given submap.
     Detailed submaps have replaced the summary submap views.

 Database Enhancements

     Improvements  have  been  made to the NetView Database Management code
     (the  NDBM  component) to address performance improvements for the AIX
     version  of  TME10  NetView.

 New Submap Sorting Functionality

     A new menu item has been added by which the symbols on a submap can be
     sorted  by one or more object properties.  Select "Submap->Sort By" on
     the  NetView  GUI  to see a list of object properties that can be used
     for  the  sort.   For  example, the symbols can be sorted by label, IP
     Address,  Status,  and  many  others.   This  function  can be used to
     quickly find a particular node or see holes in the IP address ranges.

     New  nodes  added to the submap will be placed in the correct location
     based  on the sorting option currently chosen.  However, if sorting is
     being  done  by status, the submap layout will not be redone everytime
     the  status  of  a  node  changes.In  order to get status updates, the
     Submap -> Sort by option must either be selected again, or the View ->
     Redo   Layout   option  must  be  selected.   The  same  is  true  for
     user-modified fields such as "Label".

     Submap  sorting  is only available for bus and row/column submaps.  It
     is not available for read-only maps, or map snapshots.

 New Status Filtering Functionality

     A new menu item has been added by which symbols of a particular status
     can be hidden on a submap.  Select "View->Filter By Status" and toggle
     the  appropriate  menu  item to hide all of the symbols of that status
     color.   Toggle  the  menu item off to redisplay them.  Note that this
     function  is  not  dynamic:  a hidden symbol which changes status will
     remain  hidden,  and visible symbols which change to a filtered status
     remain displayed.

 New Command nvsniffer

     The   new  nvsniffer  command  (/usr/OV/bin/nvsniffer)  traverses  all
     NetView managed nodes and searches for defined TCP services running on
     well-known  ports.   The existence of these services are placed within
     the  NetView object database via boolean values.

 New Command nvwakeup

     The new nvwakeup command (/usr/OV/bin/nvwakeup) implements Wake-on-LAN
     functionality  in  TME10  NetView.   This  tool  can be used to wake a
     machine up that is compliant with the "Magic Packet" specification for
     wake-up  nodes.   This  includes  special software and hardware on the
     target  platform.

 New Command nvdbimport

     The  new nvdbimport command (/usr/OV/bin/nvdbimport) is used to import
     object  field values into the NetView Object Database.  It is targeted
     at importing multiple field values for a large number of objects using
     a  batch methodology.

 New Command nvdbformat

     The new nvdbformat command (/usr/OV/bin/nvdbformat) is used to extract
     object  field  values  from  the  NetView database based upon a set of
     selection  rules.   The  output  is in the form of a mail-merge model.

 New Command ovwexit

     The  new  ovwexit  command  (/usr/OV/bin/ovwexit)  is used to exit the
     NetView  GUI from the command line.  This feature only brings down the
     GUI  on  the  machine the GUI is executing on.  Remote client GUIs are
     not affected by this command.

 New Command chmod_web_ovw

     The  new  chmod_web_ovw command (/usr/OV/bin/chmod_web_ovw) is used to
     give or block access to the maps.  The syntax for the command is:

     # chmod_web_ovw  -a | -d


     -a  Allow non-root user to start the GUI with web function on.
     -d  Allow only root user to start GUI with web function on (DEFAULT).

 New Migration Tool chktrapd.con

     The  new  chktrapd.con  script (in the /MUSTSEE directory of the TME10
     NetView   CDROM   ,   or   in   /usr/OV/install/tools  with  the  name
     checktrapdconf)  can  be  executed  by  the user prior to migration to
     check  the trapd.conf file for any lines or sections that are too long
     (having  more  than 99 fields).  Executing this script gives users the
     opportunity  to  correct  the  trapd.conf  file prior to attempting to
     migrate  a  previous  TME10 NetView installation.  The syntax for this
     tool is:

     # chktrapd.con <File-Name>

     where  <File-Name>  is the full path name of the trapd.conf file to be
     checked.   If  no file is given as an argument, the script prompts for
     the  file  name.   The  errors  found  by  the  script  are  output to

 Enhanced Interconnection with TME10 Enterprise Console

     The OVW application daemon dispsub, which displays a submap based on a
     request  from  the TME10 Enterprise Console (T/EC), has been enhanced.
     When  a  user  selects  an  event  from  T/EC  and  asks  to  see  the
     corresponding  node  in a NetView submap, a trap is sent to dispsub on
     the configured NetView server.  The dispsub daemon will then highlight
     the  appropriate  symbol  in  the  requested  submap  if  it  is being
     displayed.   If  the  requested submap is not being displayed, nothing
     will  be highlighted.  If no specific submap is specified by the user,
     then  the  symbol  will  be  highlighted  in  each map currently being
     displayed  by  the  NetView server.  If only one symbol exists for the
     requested  object, it will be highlighted.  If multiple symbols exist,
     dispsub  will select the first of ipmap's symbols it finds to display.
     If  no  ipmap symbol exists, it will simply choose the first symbol it

 Year 2000 Compliancy

     TME10 NetView V5R1 is Year 2000 compliant.

 Log File Name Change

     The  name  of  the  nv6000.log  file can now be changed.  The name and
     location  for  this  file  can  be  modified via the TME10 desktop GUI
     interface  by selecting "Control" and then "Start User Interface".  To
     make a change, just overtype the name of the log file on the panel.


 Defects Fixed for TME10 NetView V5R1

     The  following  is  a  list of the customer reported problems fixed in
     this release of TME10 NetView.

       IX69596 = WinSNMP APIs that do not work need to be documented.
       IX69619 = Ruleset editor not highliting trap settings in KANJI.
       IX70094 = Nvsecd memory leak of 32k with each login.
       IX70413 = Trapgend dies when system VPD has manual entries.
       IX70464 = Netmon core after U449573 with the latest netmon e-fix.
       IX70548 = Netmon core.
       IX70838 = Network object duplicated in object database.
       IX71304 = NetView GUI crashes with fatal ovw and ipmap errors.
       IX71578 = No status update occuring on fully-named collection items.
       IX71755 = Large trap> 1024 bytes causes trapd to core.
       IX71824 = Snmpselect uses high cpu.
       IX71831 = APM fails if policy name same as target collection name.
       IX71876 = Found a core while watching ipmap falling over.
       IX71928 = Symbol colors/ip status mismatch.
       IX71982 = Printtool cores when run in telnet session.
       IX72229 = Large ruleset strings overrun pbuffer in objectsig.
       IX72232 = Ovtopmd core at U450745 + ptf efix.
       IX72506 = At PTF U450745 netview systems no longer limit discovery.
       IX72672 = Gtmd manage/unmanage problem with U450745.
       IX72720 = IP interface label changed back to default.
       IX72913 = Ovmapcount does not clean up negative maps mgd field.
       IX72979 = SYBASE prepsyblib message undefined symbol when loading.
       IX73048 = Snmpcollect cores when unable to resolve target host name.
       IX73066 = Traps to tivoli TEC are incorrect.
       IX73134 = After PTF U449573, nvauth cannot change user password.
       IX73135 = Gtm api call cores.
       IX73195 = Getting an error in the gtm.trace.
       IX73245 = DOC APAR - nmpolling man page update.
       IX73259 = After mlm up netmon fails to stop polling mlm nodes.
       IX73316 = Netmon core using 2nd fix.
       IX73498 = Message: no configured event defined for enterprise.
       IX73520 = Framework display error when using NetView functions.
       IX73648 = NV 5 - NetView specific Frm.  Patch can't be installed.
       IX73661 = NetView icon created on non-installed managed node.
       IX73789 = Correcting xnmsnmpconf core on Digital UNIX.
       IX73920 = Mlm on NT distribution errors (map not updating).
       IX73976 = The status icon color is not updated.
       IX73985 = setthresh command does not accept hostnames with -.
       IX73987 = Web client: ovw must be run by root to view maps.
       IX73990 = Web Client: View graphics only working on root submap.
       IX74163 = Extra netviewwebserver processes created with web client.
       IX74410 = Ovtopmd core at PTF U451880.
       IX74449 = Can't start ovtopmd with SQL=yes at PTF U451880.
       IX74486 = Web client can't demand poll when server security on.
       IX74495 = Ovtopmd core at NV V5 sun solaris.
       IX74533 = Buffer overflow causes trapd to exit on signal 2.
       IX74673 = Nvserverd cores on TEC trap.
       IX75037 = Some submaps/objects randomly not displayed.
       IX75167 = Netmon core at NV V5 GA w/ netmon efix.
       IX75193 = Setdatabase field fails in ruleset.
       IX75232 = SNMPAPI_CONTEXT_INVALID return with V2C agent.
       IX75321 = Nvlockd crashes with very heavy network traffic.
       IX75352 = /usr/OV/databases/snmpcollect/ file names wrong.
       IX75354 = 2210 interface icons disappear.
       IX75376 = Xnmloadmib cores when loading customer mib.
       IX75379 = Ovsnmperr.h error in V4 appears to be from V3.
       IX75396 = Wrong maps displayed when opening them thru SMIT.
       IX75589 = Nodes in mlm manager submap remain blue.
       IX75631 = db2 scripts not running at NV V5.
       IX75720 = Security configuration script contains syntax errors.
       IX75728 = Xnmmibload2 error with vendor mibs (such as 3com).
       IX75806 = Ovtopmd core at AIX PTF U451880.
       IX75917 = tralertdfc cores when started.
       IX76070 = Trapd displays duplicate codepoint descriptions.
       IX76072 = Smconvert -r provides incorrect output.
       IX76074 = Error reporting invalid enumerator at startup.
       IX76077 = Netmon sets incorrect trap destination on MLMs.
       IX76094 = Ruleset with query database collection not working.
       IX76102 = Netmon fails to obtain community name from coldb.pag
       IX76198 = V4 to V5 migration corrupts xnmtrap security file.
       IX76226 = Unable to create map snapshot on NetView V5.
       IX76287 = Trapd.conf migration gets SEV_1_ERR_BCFG_081B error.
       IX76478 = Collection with isCard=True displays incorrectly.
       IX76490 = AIX/NV Fields only displaying numeric characters.
       IX76493 = C5eui core dumps when exiting from NetView V5 eui.
       IX76595 = Migrate install failed when NODES keyword in traps.
       IX76654 = Web client cannot sign on to AIX 4,3 Web Server.
       IX76659 = Gtm does not save its database at U451880.
       IX76817 = Web Client hangs with loading symbols XX% pop-up.
       IX76936 = IPMap cores when looking at nways java interface.
       IX76949 = nvcorrd cores if hostname is larger than 256 bytes.
       IX77394 = Ovmapcount -b produces confusing output.
       IX77414 = File TME10.NetView.MIBInit appears in random places.
       IX77424 = NVTurboDatabase clobbers mapdb object.
       IX77425 = Web Client not displaying properly with MIB browser.
       IX77438 = OVW hangs with a blank window.
       IX77540 = Netmon polls hub interfaces only on MLM down event.
       IX77608 = Printtool menu option and toolbar grayed out.
       IX77619 = nvutil r operation takes 3+ minutes to complete.
       IX77753 = FilterEd cores with U451880.
       IX77757 = Netmon dies with signal 11 during demand poll.
       IX77790 = NVSECD_ADMIN core if userid filename> 11 chars.
       IX77907 = Mib2Trap fails to set default severity for addtrap.
       IX77919 = Memory leaks in pass-on-match/reset-on-match dnodes.
       IX78081 = NVlockD is coring again.
       IX78136 = NVS_ISCLIENTAUTHORIZED returns incorrect value.
       IX78145 = Diagnostic ping does not show correct IP address.
       IX78272 = Filter editor will not add from map in some cases.
       IX78325 = reset_ci not giving correct nameserver name.
       IX78419 = nv6000.log filled with "select failed" warnings.
       IX78482 = Certain bitmaps not showing properly when compiled.
       IX78567 = Environment variables set in /etc/netnmrc.pre lost.
       IX78731 = V4 to V5 migration fails with SEV_2 ERR_BCFG_055.
       IX78735 = /usr/OV/conf/snmpcolfiles get corrupted.
       IX78744 = Compare mib variable fails w/o nvcdebug option on.
       IX78778 = Priority option in NVPAGE different than documented.
       IX78965 = Truncation happens to slot map definition in TEC.
       IX79023 = When 'netmon -a 50' is run, no collections created.
       IX79028 = MLM alias table not updated with APM collection.
       IX79071 = nvlockd fails and gtmd no longer updates map.
       IX79087 = NetView crash when closing submap window.
       IX79167 = PRINTF in slot definition causes nvserverd core.
       IX79182 = Status poll of large routers causes perf.  problem.
       IX79299 = OVsnmpFixPdu sometimes garbles community name.
       IX79536 = Filter with enterprise ID> 80 freezes event window.
       IX79654 = Problem w/ closedate in /usr/OV/bin/trapd.log_maint

*******   Summary:

     Utilize this info to help you and your field counterparts
     to increase potential sales opportunities as well as ease
     the worries of customers that are soon to migrate to the
     new NetView 5.1.

*******   Other Info:

     This information will be put on the MOT within the next week.
     There will be another NetView Info Flash with the NIF pages
     link.  I hope to have these info flashes up on the MOT within
     the same, or next, day of sending them out.

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     None at this time.

******    As always, please send any comments to
     Will at the below email address.
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