Zombie ovw processes

1998-09-09 21:13:24
Subject: Zombie ovw processes
From: Simon Long <simon AT NETTRACK.COM DOT AU>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 11:13:24 +1000

I installed the Tivoli Framework 3.2 immediately followed by
creating a Netview Server (V5) on a 7025/F50 RS6K running
AIX4.2.1 yesterday.   When I tried to start the user interface
from the TEC it took a very long time coming up ( sat on
"initialising..." ) and then was inadvertently stopped by me
accidentally bringing down my PC X client.  Upon trying again
I noticed that the process would not bring up the GUI.  Upon
checking the processes running I found "ovw" to be still running.
Unfortunately - any attempts to kill this process were unsucess-
ful - it simply attached itself to the init process and sat there.
I am scheduling a shutdown of the machine to clear this out,
but I am concerned that this may indicate a deeper problem.
Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Is there a patch to
overcome  this behaviour?


Simon Long
Nettrack Technical Solutions Pty Ltd

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