Re: WinNT MLM Alias Table Updates

1998-09-03 22:30:48
Subject: Re: WinNT MLM Alias Table Updates
From: Ray Schafer <schafer AT TKG DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 22:30:48 -0400
I recently had the same problem (with UNIX MLMs). It is now solved.  Here
are some suggestions:

Make sure that you have netmon configured correctly. Either use an MLM seed
file to tell netmon which MLM's to use or define the MLM prefix for the
collection, and use the -g or -G flag to tell netmon to use the MLM's for
status or status and discovery.

Do any nodes in your MLM collection contain "-"'s in thier host names?  If
so, you may need a fix for netmon. Call support, tell them you have dashes
in you host names and netmon won't update the MLM alias tables.

Finally, make sure that netmon connects to nvcold.  One way to check this is
to start netmon in full debug (trace flag set to -1), watch the netmon.trace
file for the string "collectiond_sock_fd =". If you don't see it after the
daily checks are done, and a few polling cycles, you may have to delete the
object that represents the server itself from the database, and let it
rediscover itself.

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> Subject: WinNT MLM Alias Table Updates
> Hi:
> I'm having a "good" time trying to get alias table updates to my NT MLMs.
> In one case I created a collection of all Cisco routers that I then
> assigned to the mlmdomain_mlm_host_name in the MLM's collection.  In
> another case I assigned certain subnets to mlmdomain_mlm_host_name via the
> Collection Editor.  In both cases, I cannot get netmon to update the MLM
> Alias Tables.
> I have placed an entry netmon's SMNP configuration for both MLMs, giving
> the read/write community names as "public."  I have modified the NT MLM
> ovsnmp.conf to assign "public" as read/write.  Additionally, I
> assigned the
> community name "public" to the WinNT SNMP daemon.  Tivoli Support
> suggested
> that I delete all entries in the MLM Trap Destination Tables, then recycle
> netmon.  They said that netmon would re-discover the MLMs and
> then download
> the Alias Tables within a few netmon scan cycles.  When I do
> this, the only
> thing I can see happening is a new entry for netmon appears in the Trap
> Destination Table.  Then sometime later, I will find alias definitions for
> all the hosts on the physical subnet the MLM is plugged into.
> Needless to say, I'm probably doing this all wrong.  Anyone have
> any ideas?
> Thanks in advance,
> Dave Taylor

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