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1998-08-28 08:21:48
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From:    Ken Guettler <Ken.Guettler AT MARYVILLE DOT COM>
Subject: Re: Netview 5.0 and AIX 4.3
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On my 4.3.1 CDs I found  dataset "bos.loc.pc_compat.usr.".
In SMIT this gave me a list of many Locales so that I could choose the
U.S. English.   When I installed "Base System Locale PC Code Set -
U.S. English", it installed bos.loc.pc_compat.En_US.   It also required
bos.loc.pc_compat.com at that time.

beware in 4.3.1 that your LIBPATH requires X11 R5 for NetView.   But don't
change your system's LIBPATH because CDE requires X11 R6.   Motif1.2 must
also be in your NetView LIBPATH, but not in your systems.

Steve Hochstetler
Tivoli Professional Services

> I am going through the process right now on a new RS/6000 preinstalled
> with AIX v4.3.1.

> There is a framework patch 3.2-TMF-0004 available on the Tivoli support
> web site will
> fix the INTERP problem, although the documentation which came with the
> patch was
> not entirely correct for AIX v4.3.1.

> I now have the framework installed successfully and have been trying to
> get the AIX prerequisite
> files installed.  I have been unable to locate the following LPP on my
> AIX 4.3.1 CDs however:  Can
> anyone tell me where to find:
>        bos.loc.pc_compat.En_US  ?

> I am unable to set the Language locales to En_US until I get this LPP.
> Thank you,
> Ken
> Maryville Data Systems
> One Pierce Place   Suite 475W
> Itasca,  IL  60143
> (630) 285-9597 ext. 5105

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