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1998-08-27 09:08:32
Subject: Re: NetView Distributed Management
From: James_Shanks AT TIVOLI DOT COM
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Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 09:08:32 -0400
There are three cases of "distribution" to consider here, and one of them
is not true distributed network management at all.

Case 1:  NetView server and NetView client.  The client code in NetView is
simply a way to offload some X-processing (the GUI) onto  another box.  The
server still does all the polling, discovery and so on.  This is not
distributed network management but some people talk as though it is.  It is
really little different than telneting into the NetView server from another
machine which supports X.  The only difference, except for implementation,
is which machine does the work when it comes to displaying things on a map
or an event window.

In V5.0 each platform has its own client only, AIX to AIX, Solaris to
Solaris, DEC to DEC, and NT to NT.

Case 2:  Distributed NetView using MLM.  This is now called "unattended
distributed NetView" because of  Case 3.  In
this scenario you install MLM on some remote node.  It discovers all the
nodes on its subnet and keeps track of their status.  Back on the server,
you configure netmon to use the MLM for discovery and status polling, and
you use APM to distribute policy to the MLMs.   This is called "unattended"
because you don't log in to the MLM box for anything after installation.
Everything is done at the central NetView.  Obviously, you can still
implement Case 1 along with Case 2.

There are MLMs available for many platforms (AIX, Solaris, HP, and DEC) and
they can use netmon running in NetView on any UNIX platform as a
controller.  This is the original design of MLM - NetView.  NT is left out
of this.  There is an NT MLM just for NT NetViews.  In NetView 5.0 NT an
MLM cannot be controlled by a netmon running on a NetView 5.0 UNIX
platform.  This cahges for NetView 5.1.

Case 3: (New for NetView 5.1) Distributed NetView using NT and NT MLM.
This is called "attended distributed NetView".  In this case you install
both NetView for NT 5.1 and NT MLM on the very same NT box.  The two work
together.  The MLM hooks into a netmon running on a UNIX box , which acts
as a controller, just like Case 2.  But you can also log in to the NT box
and use the GUI there locally if you want to.  That's what makes it

James Shanks
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Hi all ,
I'd like to know the difference between implementing a distributed
management using Netview/AIX at the central site with Netview/NT
at the regional sites that reports to the Server , and using
a Client/Server implementation for the Netview with NV/AIX as the
server and NV/NT as clients. What's the type of information that
is reported to the central management in each case ?
Another question is for the MLM , When do I use MLM or Netview client
in the regional site ?
Appreciate any help.

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