Re: Reliability of NV Status Polling

1998-08-25 09:46:55
Subject: Re: Reliability of NV Status Polling
From: Fältman, Mikael <mifal AT WMDATA DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 15:46:55 +0200
I think I heard somthing about adjusting outstanding icmp request on the
NV machine, an option in netmon I think.
Is this true.
If so, is there any recommended settings.


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> Subject:      Reliability of NV Status Polling
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> All,
> We use both NV/6000 4.1 and NV5.0a/NT. Our customer is very anxious to
> get us to agree that NetView status polling may be unreliable, and
> that
> interfaces may appear to be down when in fact, all that is happening
> is
> that the TCP/IP protocol on the machine being polled is TOO BUSY to
> answer the ICMP request!!!
> Is this in any way possible on TCP/IP for NT or AIX?
> If the machine is TOO BUSY to answer a ping, is it not also TOO BUSY
> to
> answer request for resources (i.e. it is effectively down anyway)?
> Is it possible that some WAN router between networks could be TOO BUSY
> to handle an ICMP packet? Would it not just keep trying?
> Any help from you network techies would be very useful!
> Thanks,
> Jeremy.
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