Re: NetView-T/EC-DNS Implementation Problem... HELP!

1998-08-25 09:14:21
Subject: Re: NetView-T/EC-DNS Implementation Problem... HELP!
From: "David T. Smith" <dsmith AT TUCKERNET DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 09:14:21 -0400
At 4:50 PM -0400 8/24/98, Julio W. Troya wrote:
>We are currently in the process of implementing DNS for our
>NetView environment and have found a problem which we
>cannot solve.
[...system specifics deleted...]
>Our NetView server is also configured as a secondary DNS server, and
>whenever NetView resolves the host name to an IP address, it will
>always return with a different primary IP address for the router.
>It seems that it is selecting the next IP address in an "round-robin"
>Because we get a different IP address for each event, T/EC is unable to
>correlate clearing events with old down events.  For example, T/EC
>will receive a node down event:
>      RG100BRA     Node down
>when the clearing event arrives, the interface address will be
>different, and
>hence T/EC thinks it is a different device:
>      RG100BRA      Node up

I am also concerned about this issue.  The installation I am working on has
not yet fully enabled DNS so many of the reports are passed by IP address
and thus we do not yet have this problem, but I can see a contradiction
between NetView's use of DNS and T/EC's as shown by Julio's problem:

        NetView seems to want the inverse addresses to point to a single
name for the node (we have had difficulties where DNS names based on
individual addresses have caused multiple icons to be created--also partly
due to HSRP issues).

        T/EC (and TME) want a single address/name matchup so that forward
resolution of a name returns the same address every time.

However, I believe that Cisco Routers can be configured to use a single IP
address for all SNMP traps so that might help on part of Julio's problem.
This address (which could be on a loopback interface), might help although,
since status polls are done through ICMP, it may not.


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