NetView NT 5.0A - Availability Tracking

1998-08-24 12:50:56
Subject: NetView NT 5.0A - Availability Tracking
From: Debbie Sparg <dsparg AT FGH.CO DOT ZA>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 18:50:56 +0200
Hi Everyone,
Since re-installing NT, MS SQL and NetView I can now get availability stats - I 
think I may have had ODBC problems before.
I still have two questions however, and hope someone can help me out. For nodes 
that have no SNMP support availability tracking is working exactly as I expect. 
It logs the information of node down/up events, when they occurred and how long 
they occurred for each node. It then also calculates percentage up/down time 
for the node.
My first question regards node which have SNMP support.
1)      For those nodes that support SNMP all I get out of availability 
tracking is the value of the MIB2 system variable, sysUpTime. This value only 
indicates the length of time for which the SNMP agent in the device has been 
available. Consequently, there is only ever one entry in the availability table 
for an UP status which shows how long the SNMP agent has been up since it's 
last restart and therefore the percentage of uptime is always 100%. This cannot 
be correct - how can I get the availability tracking for SNMP nodes to simply 
track node up/down events as it does for non-SNMP nodes?
2)      My second question is regarding availability tracking incorporating 
service level agreements. My customer wants to calculate percentage up/down 
time only within agreed service hours (in their case 7:30am until 5:00pm). I 
told them they could use write their own SQL queries to query the SQL database 
tables. If however they could view the source for the GUI program which 
produces percentages for all hours and they could then customize this it would 
obviously save them a lot of time. Is it possible to view the source/SQL query 
for the GUI option ?
Debbie Sparg
(dsparg AT fgh.co DOT za)

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