Re: netview 4.1 and optivity nms 8.1

1998-08-21 15:19:57
Subject: Re: netview 4.1 and optivity nms 8.1
From: Steven Valente <svalente AT BAYNETWORKS DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 12:19:57 -0700

There are no known issues with installing Optivity NMS 8.1 on a NV 4.1
system.  You fail to mention the version of AIX you are running, but
assuming it is 4.x there  is no known conflict there either.

I am also assuming that upon uninstall of Optivity NMS 8.1 you are
continuing to have the problem with the NV daemons.  If this is true, it is
not likely that Optivity has created this problem for you and the
installation and occurrence of the problem may be purely coincidental.

Perhaps others will chime in with similar problems, but we are not aware of
any known issues on this platform combination at Bay and there are no
required patches revolving around install issues on this platform.

Sorry to not be able to be of further help.

Steve Valente
Bay Networks
Optivity Unix Support

At 01:49 PM 8/21/98 -0500, Huerta, Yectli A wrote:
>I apologized, the message was sent before I finished it.
>I installed netview  and seemed to run fine.  I then proceeded to install
>optivity.  After I was finished, netview daemons could not run, and I could
>not restart them.
>So, does anyone know of a patch, or did I miss a step when installing
>optivity.  I removed optivity in the meantime.  Any input will be
>Yectli A Huerta

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