Re: Nways - RMON and MAT problems

1998-08-21 08:53:09
Subject: Re: Nways - RMON and MAT problems
From: Jim Kellock <jkelloc AT IBM DOT NET>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 08:53:09 -0400
Question 1-
It may be that you are running nv6000 and trying to start the background
processes that way instead of doing ovstart, waiting until the
background stuff is OK, then running nv6000 or ovw.  With all of the
Nways suite installed, there are a lot of spawns that have to get up and
running that the processes owned by ovw require.  The MAT process that
must be there to run the 8270 has a couple of dependencies in the cmld
children, and those cmld has dependencies started directly by ovspmd,
etc., etc. You get the idea.  It'as entirely possible for the MAT poller
to try to start prior to the R8270s10.   The size of your network may
also be contributing.  When you start the gui, not only netmon, but the
various Nways pollers are all banging on you network interfaces and
things can get backed up.  Netmon's smart enough to schedule his
polling, but some of the other pollers are no, so they just time out if
they don't get a response.  All this sounds more likely since you say
it works when you recycle.  That'd give all the background processes
time to recycle and insert correctly.

Question 2-
There is a known problem with the coding of the 8270 PSM to link the
RMON application to the gui. If you can run /usr/LANReMon/rmon/RUN_ME,
point to the 8270, see the RMON interface, select it, and get RMON stats
that way, then you've been bitten by the bug.

Question 3-
Since the dt command is at the end of /etc/inittab and that's what
starts up the dtlogin process, I suspect that you have a problem
someplace in inittab that causes some problem and kill inittab execution
before it gets down to where it runs rc.dt.

Jane: Can you please tell me whether this reply comes both to your email
and to the forum.  I changed the way I access Internet email and no
longer see my messages back from the forum.


Hope that helps.

Jim Kellock.
Jane Curry wrote:
> We have NetView for AIX V5 and Nways 1.2.1 (the whole suite).  We are
> seeing one or two problems - can anyone help?
> 1) Sometimes 8270 hubs, when exploded, get the following message:
> "VS9408W: Create of subsystem in the APPLICATION TRANSPORTER system
> failed.  The product may not be running for subsystem name" - if we
> re-cycle all the NetView daemons the problem clears and we then get our
> 8270 display filled in
> 2) Again on 8270, a right mouse button on an 8270 port produces the
> message:
> "The RMON application is not accessible.  This may be due to an
> incorrect environment an install failure or moving or renaming the
> application" - we have environment variables setup for RMONHOME, the
> install was clean as is the RMON install log and we haven't renamed
> anything - any clues?  We have done nothing to customise RMON on the
> 8270s (microcode 4.0.3 B) - do we need to?  Does the 8270 support the
> Host table of the RMON MIB?
> 3) Not sure whether this is NetView / Nways related..... our NetView
> system is configured as a secondary DNS server and uses itself as it's
> prefered nameserver (in resolv.conf).  When the system reboots (AIX
> 4.2.1) we get a green-screen login on the console, rather than the dtwm
> xserver login.  If we reboot the system having hidden resolv.conf and
> come up on /etc/hosts this problem doesn't occur.  We are wondering if
> the boot process is starting NetView and Nways daemons in parallel with
> starting named such that named is not active soon enough - any
> comments?  At present we have a kludge process such that we reboot on
> /etc/hosts and don't start any NetView / Nways processes - we then have
> a script to  enable resolv.conf and start Tivoli, NetView and Nways.
> Many thanks for any input,
> Jane
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> Jane Curry
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> Tel: +44 (0)1628 782565

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