actionsvr not starting

1998-08-21 06:47:06
Subject: actionsvr not starting
From: Wolfgang Klein <wolfgang.klein AT IKOSSVAN DOT DE>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 10:47:06 +0000
There is a hanging action started by actionsvr. you can see with netstat that
udp port 1670 is in use. With lsof you can find who ist it. kill the process
and actionsvr can start.


Date:    Wed, 19 Aug 1998 15:00:15 -0600
From:    Greg Redder <redder AT YUMA.ACNS.COLOSTATE DOT EDU>
Subject: actionsvr not starting

Dear all,

I'm not able to search the nv-l archives - no answer after 4 hours.
Also, the knowledge base at Tivoli is temporarily out of service.
So, here I am ;-)

I'm running NetView V5.0 on AIX4.2.1.

When I try to start nv6000, I get the following error:

ERROR: The following REQUIRED daemons are not running:
As root user, start all the daemons by using one of the following methods:
         a) use the smit (TME 10 desktop) utility
         b) issue the command:  /usr/OV/bin/ovstart
         c) rerun this command

So, as root, I run:


and get:

 behavior:            OVs_WELL_BEHAVED
 state:               NOT_RUNNING
 PID:                 33364
 last message:
 exit status:         exit(1)

I look in: /usr/OV/log/nvaction.alog and see:

98/08/19 14:58:29 :     local host is delta
98/08/19 14:58:29     nl_Actionsvr.C[264] :     Unable To Open action
Channel Trying Port 1670
98/08/19 14:58:29     nl_Actionsvr.C[267] :     Unable to open port
1670... exiting

Any ideas, please?

Thank you --Greg Redder

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