Re: layer2-network vs Digital

1998-08-19 10:14:23
Subject: Re: layer2-network vs Digital
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Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 10:14:23 -0400
Netview doesn't really understand bridges or switches.  It only understands
IP networks.  So anything that looks like a router will be designated in the
map as such.    You need to keep that in mind when allowing the facility to
auto draw your network.

The Gigaswitch is just a bridge.  As such it will appear to be transparent
with regard to network boundaries.

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Subject:        layer2-network vs Digital


we use the Digital products (gigaswitch, 900 family modules) in our extended
All nodes and network modules are in one IP network (mask
Can the Polycenter on Netview parse correctly the switched network?

I've observed the 'problem with segments' discussion but there was nothing
about DEC. I use archaic - often opinion - version of Polycenter 4.1A
which displays the flat segment with all nodes on it.
Now I have possibility to buy a new network management system.
I hope the new Polycenter (with additional modules ?) can draw
the segments between switches, group nodes connected to one hub in one
segment, etc.
Am I wrong?  May be the Spectrum is better choice?
Please some hints

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