Re: Some questions on NetView for NT (was NO SUBJECT)

1998-08-18 09:25:19
Subject: Re: Some questions on NetView for NT (was NO SUBJECT)
From: James_Shanks AT TIVOLI DOT COM
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Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 09:25:19 -0400
(1) Your customer has a router which will change the way it works in
response to setting certain MIB variables?  Do tell us what brand that it
is.  Most router manufactures consider this too insecure.  But if you have
one, and you know what MIB variables you want to set, then you could use
either the MIB Browser (which has a SET feature for MIB instances which are
not read-only) or the snmpset command (/usr/OV/bin/snmpset).  If you just
type in snmpset  without any parameters, it will tell you what it requires,
but the MIB Browser is much easier to use.  But you have to obtain the MIB
and load it first.

(2) I thought the Print command for NT worked on files.  If I am correct
then you would have to use Trap Settings to configure your NT traps and put
a command in the automatic action slot.  The trap variables are the same as
in UNIX --
$E (enterprise id) $G (generic trap number) $S (specific trap number) $A
(sending agent) $1, $2, ...$n (the trap variables).
Most NT traps just show $3 on the Event Browser screen.  So you could echo
this to file and print that.

(3) There are no automatic print facilities like this in NT nor UNIX
NetView.  If you want to print reports, I suggest you write something to
select what you want from /usr/OV/log/trapd.log and print that.

James Shanks
Tivoli (NetView for UNIX) L3 Support

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Hello ,
I'm using Netview V5.0 on windows NT . My customer has the following
requirements :
1) He wants to be able to configure a router remotely by altering in
the suitable MIB variable . He needs to do the following :
   * Add static route
   * Configure new WAN port
   * Enable

2) No audiable alarm is available in the NT version of Netview in
case of receiveing an event . so printing can be a good alternative .
How could I print the description of the event when receiveing the
event (I want to print the description that apprea in the Event
Browser or if not possible how can i pass paramters to the " Print "
 include the
IP address of the originator WS.
3) Is it available to automatically print the log file with
selected events at the end of the day using Netview ?
Appreciate any help.

Best Regards,
E-Mail : nmarzouk AT vnet.ibm DOT com

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