1998-08-17 12:21:10
From: Debbie Sparg <dsparg AT FGH.CO DOT ZA>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 18:21:10 +0200
Hi again,

Please if anyone can help with the following questions/problems:

1)      Availability tracking: my customer wants reports of up/down time for 
nodes which seems to be what is provided by the availability feature in the 
Object Properties windows. This is always blank for any node I choose. What do 
I have to do to get availability statistics ? I am logging events to both 
trapd.log (flat file) and to the SQL database. We are using MS SQL Server 6.5. 
I have also tried using uptimer.exe but don't what parameters to provide the 
2)      Events: As previously mentioned I am logging events to both trapd.log 
and the SQL database. What is each used for ? Is there a purpose for logging to 
both ?
3)      Events database: Is this used only for current events ? I need an 
explanation for the maximum events and no. events to refresh display. The notes 
say that when maximum events are reached the database is cleared - do they mean 
cleared of all events or does it wrap around ? What exactly is 'refresh 
display' , it appears to me that the display refreshes each time a new event is 
received so I don't understand what this parameter is meant to do.
4)      Events history: I cannot see any difference in the display when I used 
all events (current?) or history ? Are all the events from the SQL database 
available to be viewed online ? Is the maximum events parameter for all events 
in the database or for those events which can be viewed as 'current events'. My 
events seem to be cleared out or maybe archived as I can only view events for 
the last couple of days and not since NetView was installed.
5)      DHCP: My customer uses DHCP for WIN95 workstations. What is the 
advantage of customising the seed file to tell NetView which nodes are DHCP ? 
What are the advantages of keeping or not keeping  the DHCP clients ? My 
customer has IP addresses reserved for 30 days.
6)      Is there a way in NT to automatically start data collection for 
specific time intervals ? (something like cron for Unix ?)
7)      Are there any sample SQL queries/reports to produce customised reports 
from the SNMPCOLLECT database ?

Thanks everyone
Debbie Sparg
(dsparg AT fgh.co DOT za)

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