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1998-08-14 08:59:18
Subject: Re: NetView for NT 5.0 Rev. A
From: Will Mason <wmason AT TIVOLI DOT COM>
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Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 07:59:18 -0500
You could very well be correct.  I do know, however,
that it does work through the TEC.  Go ahead and
copy this over the listserv.  I don't mind being countered
at all.  In fact, this is a good way for me to learn new ideas
and it also promotes discussion on the listserv.



James_Shanks AT tivoli DOT com wrote:

> Will -
> Are you sure about #4?  My information is that Joe Prokott of West
> Publishing has been opening trouble tickets directly from NetView events
> via some command line interface they have.  He uses automatic actions from
> the trap or possibly actions from a  ruleset.  At least that is what I
> recall from a conference call with him and someone in SA about a year ago.
> Joe wanted us to build an interface into nvserverd so he could just forward
> the event to SA like we do to TEC.
> He has a requirement in the netview AT tivoli DOT com database to this effect.
> James Shanks
> Tivoli (NetView for UNIX) L3 Support
> Will Mason <wmason AT TIVOLI DOT COM> on 08/14/98 08:43:27 AM
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> Subject:  Re: NetView for NT 5.0 Rev. A
> Hi Debbie,
> I'll see if I can help you out on some of the question below.  If
> anyone notices an error in what I reply, please don't hesitate to
> acknowledge it.
> Debbie Sparg wrote:
> > I am having some problems with NetView NT 5.0 Rev. A and wonder if anyone
> > can help with the following questions. I am more familiar with Unix
> (AIX).
> >
> > I am running NT 4.0 SP3.
> >
> > 1)      Will the webbrowser kit work with IIS 4.0 (the doc. Only mentions
> > 3.0). If yes, how do we do it?
> NV 5.0 does not work with IIS 4.0, only with IIS 3.0.  NV 5.1 fixes this
> and canwork
> with both.
> > 2)      How does NetView resolve hostnames for workstations running for
> e.g.
> > Windows 95. We do not have a DNS. We do have the names defined in WINNS.
> > Does NetView get the name from WINNS or is it from the machine name
> defined
> > (NETBIOS?). The names are not defined in the hosts file.
> >From the Windows NT Help program:
> Windows Internet Name Service ( WINS )
> A name resolution service that resolve Windows NT networking computer
> names to IP addresses in a routed environment. A WINS server handles
> name registrations, queries, and releases.
> Discovery is done by a passive and active method.  First the arp cache and
> route tables from the nearest routers are used to start the creation of the
> map,
> then ping is used to discover those IPs which were not in the route table
> or
> cache for systems that are alive.  NetView builds it topological view from
> all
> this info then uses what ever name resolution capabilities exist on the NT
> machine on which it resides.
> > 3)      I have the NetView Server installed on NT4.0 . I would like to
> install
> > client(s). Must these clients also be NT ? Is any other system supported
> -
> > ? Windows 95
> NetView client must also be installed on an NT 4.0 machine, either
> workstationor
> server.
> > 4)      The customer will also be installing Software Artistry on an NT
> platform
> > for helpdesk. How can I integrate it with NetView so trouble tickets can
> > automatically be opened from certain NetView events ?
> >
> This is a two step process at this time.  NetView sends events to the
> Tivoli
> EnterpriseConsole which can then correlate and act upon them.  The TEC then
> sends
> these
> to the Service Desk to create trouble tickets.  A response is generated and
> passed
> back down to the TEC to act upon it.  In a nutshell its not a difficult
> problem, it
> just
> requires that one be running the Tivoli Enterprise Console.
> Good Luck,
> Will
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