Re: Event Console Trouble

1998-08-14 02:01:20
Subject: Re: Event Console Trouble
From: Vladimir Petr <petr AT DATASYS DOT CZ>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 08:01:20 +0200
Peter Klezok wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> we are on the way to implement Netview TME 10 into our Tivoli-Enviroment. And
> exactly there we have the Problems.
> 1. No Events on  the TEC Event Console. Netview works fine and evrything is 
> looking good.
>     We can configure and run it completely from the TME Desktop.
> Something wrong with the Barock-Files?
> Where is the difference between the Event-Adapter from Netview and Netview 
> TME 10?
> Is (maybe) the TEC the Problem we have and not NetView
> 2. We tried to define a User-Account to access the Webserver-Interface, but 
> no way to log in.
> We tried to find more Informations in the Manuals and also did Installations
> exactly like it stand there. This was, perhaps, a bad joke.
> Thnx, Peter Klezok
> Peter Klezok
> pklezok AT gmx DOT de
> peter.klezok AT de.nestle DOT com
> Nestlé Deutschland AG
> Frabkfurt / Main

Hello, Peter;

I would recommend that you read Tivoli Enterprise Console User's
Guide, the TEC Implementation Examples redbook or any booklet on TEC

With NetView, you have two ways how to get NV events into the TEC:
1. Using tecad_nv6k, an NV adapter (it runs with v5)
2. Using nvserverd (here you need not configure almost anything except
a ruleset used and the name of your EventServer).

Very briefly, in order to use nvserverd you must:

- import nvserverd.baroc and nvserverd.rls (they are not in the
Default.rb) to your rulebase just used or any other; note you can use
only one rulebase at a time (use GUI or wimprbrule, wimprbclass
commands, wcrtrb for creating new rb); look at your rb by wlsrbclass
and wlsrbrules)
- compile you rulebase after you have imported the files (GUI or
- load your rulebase if it is not (GUI or wloadrb)
- restart the Event Server (GUI or wstopesvr and wstartesvr)
- in smit or TME 10 Desktop, define which NV ruleset to use for
forwarding events to the TEC

Then, make sure the events are really sent to the TEC. Look at the
reception log by the wtdumprl command (if you have reception logging
enabled). Don't forget to set an event group and a source in order to
be able to view the events arrived.

There is much to care about as to the TEC. The best way is to read the

Also, you can send your questions to the TME 10 mailing list. Visit
http://www.tivoli.isis2000.com for more info. 

As to the web access, you must use any valid account on the box where
the web server is running, except that of root (thanks to Stephen).

Best regards,

Vladimir Petr
Tivoli Certified Consultant

phone:  ++420-2-6138-8211
fax:    ++420-2-6138-8210

mailto:petr AT datasys DOT cz

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