Re: NV 5.0 can't call tivoli

1998-08-13 23:35:50
Subject: Re: NV 5.0 can't call tivoli
From: Will Mason <wmason AT TIVOLI DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 22:35:50 -0500
The oserv doesn't like it when you change the name or IP on
the TMR server.  Try the following command:

source your Tivoli environment.

for ksh:

# . /etc/Tivoli/setup_env.sh

then type the following:

# oserv -k $DBDIR -Nali

This should tell the oserv not to care what the IP address is and
go ahead and start up.  There is also a section on the framework
manual that explains how to change name and IP on a system without
destroying the oserv.  If you use the -Nali argument, it probably won't
help any managed nodes to connect.  There is a complete operation
technique to get all this changed.  My recommendation is to change
the IP and name back to the old, restart the oserv, make sure everything
is connected, then run the commands in the manual, with the oserv running.

Good Luck,


Will Mason
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3096582 AT skytel DOT com alpha pager by email
wmason AT tivoli DOT com


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Sontaya Passakonnirin wrote:

> I try to change the RS/6000 name and IP address. which I clear the old
> Netview database and try to discovery again. Only Netview can work but I
> can't call tivoli GUI.
> How can I do? I change the IP address for internet connection.
> Sontaya ^_^

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