Re: NetView NT Q: Configuring netmon to "skip" ipRouteifIndex

1998-08-12 13:14:02
Subject: Re: NetView NT Q: Configuring netmon to "skip" ipRouteifIndex
From: "Houle, Stephen A" <sh32829 AT IMCNAM.SBI DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998 13:14:02 -0400

Go to the menu pick "Options -> SNMP Configuration".  Enter your routers in
the "Specific Nodes" list (use the ip address or name matches their
selection name).  Then for each record, set "Configuration Polling Interval"
to something larger than the 1 day that is the default.  Also turn off
"Discovery Poll".

You can also turn off "Auto Adjust", but leave "Discovery Poll" on, and then
set a large "Fixed Polling Interval" (which should say "Fixed Discovery
Polling Interval", and set it to 1 day or something).  This will allow you
to still do discovery polling (if you need it), but not at the 15 minutes
(or whatever) that Netview does it by default and/or on an auto-adjusted

I don't think you can prevent a demand poll from happening if a user does
one, but this will allow you to slow thing down a little bit.


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> Subject:      NetView NT Q: Configuring netmon to "skip" ipRouteifIndex
> Hola!  :-)
> Is there a way to configure netmon to "skip" demand polls and/or route
> table queries for specific nodes?
> After installing NetView NT I noticed that CPU utilization on two routers
> exceeded 90% because of the SNMP process.  After doing some research, I
> noticed it was whenever netmon did a demand poll, or I used MIB browser to
> query for route table information, that caused the high cpu utilization.
> I've thought of changing the object attributes to be something other than
> router, but I was hoping there might be another method.  Also, I don't
> believe it's a router IOS bug (Cisco 7513 running 11.2(13)P) because the
> routers in question connect to the Internet (big I) and are running BGP-
> i.e., large route table = large SNMP process when queried.
> Thanks in advance for the help!
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