AW: Problem with MLM - conflict with 'portmap'?

1998-08-11 08:05:25
Subject: AW: Problem with MLM - conflict with 'portmap'?
From: "Brunschede, Gerd" <Gerd.Brunschede AT HIK.FZK DOT DE>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 14:05:25 +0200
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> Von:  Steven Casagrande [SMTP:steve_casagrande AT BE.IBM DOT COM]
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> Betreff:      Problem with MLM - conflict with 'portmap'?
> Hello,
> We are using the Netview MLM on our system, and whenever we start up
> midmand, it destroys NFS performance on the system.  We've traced it
> to one possibility: a possible conflict between 'portmap' and
> 'midmand'.  Using 'lsof', we found portmap and midmand both using
> UDP:*.*  (whatever port *that*  is...), and when this happens, the
> biods (NFS client daemons) don't use any CPU, and NFS performance is
> terrible (several seconds for a 'df', for example).  Killing midmand
> clears up the problem.
> I suspect that the UDP:*.*  port is being fought over by midmand and
> portmap (which acts as a broker for rpc services, including NFS).
> Then, when packets get grabbed by midmand, the portmap never sees
> them, and we're in a timeout condition for the NFS application.  The
> bad performance seems random (sometimes it's OK), which might indicate
> that the midmand was off doing something else, and the portman had a
> chance to get at the socket.
> Has anyone else seen this problem?  Any ideas for a work-around?
> FYI: AIX, mlm, RS/6k-380/192MB RAM/584MB Swap,
> very lightly loaded (just us chickens!).
> Many thanks,
> Steve Casagrande
> IBM Belgium
> Steve_Casagrande AT be.ibm DOT com
> +32-3-897-2550

        yes, we saw a similiar problem after migration from NV 4.1 with
MLM-Products to NV 5.
        The performance went down dramiticly on our AIX-Nodes. After
stopping the MLM-
        Products (MLM,SLM and SIA) and deleting them the problems has

        The monitoring of our AIX-nodes we are doing now with TME10 DM
3.5 without any

        What now we cannot use are the private MIB-variables. We can
live with this 

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