Re: I do not see the other networks

1998-08-06 17:06:06
Subject: Re: I do not see the other networks
From: Rob Rinear <robr AT DIRIGO DOT COM>
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Date: Thu, 6 Aug 1998 17:06:06 -0400
Use a MIB browser to confirm that your router/gateway is responding to SNMP.
Without SNMP, Netview will be unable to retrieve routing and arp cache
information from your router to discover the networks beyond it, even though
you can communicate to nodes there.

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Subject: I do not see the other networks

Dear People:
I have version 4.0 installed, and I see the local network, but the wan
networks do not appear
in my map.
The file that contains the gateway to the other networks is OK.
I can do ping and also snmpwal to machines in those networks, but they
still do not appear.
Do you have any ideas on what is happening?
Thnaks in Advance

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