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1998-08-07 04:56:08
Subject: Re: Login Information
From: Jon Needes <jon.needes AT ATS.UK.EDS DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1998 09:56:08 +0100
Erdinc Degirmencioglu wrote:

> Try
> /usr/OV/bin/nvsec_admin
> then select QUERY ALL to show who's logged on.
> You need to have security switched on for this to work (and be logged on
> /usr/OV/bin/nvauth). NV V5 Admin Guide chapter 2. Check it out......
> Erdinc.
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> Subject:        Login Information
> We would like to display a window showing who is currently logged in to
> NetView, along with their security group. Is there any way of starting
> an application when someone logs in and passing the login information to
> it?
> Thank you
> Jon Needes
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  Thanks for the response, but it is not a solution to our problem.

We do not want all levels of user to have access to nvsec_admin. Also, I did
not make it clear that we need access to the login information from one of our
own applications for a number of reasons. We will have two NetView managers on
our network and we want each to be able to determine what the other is being
used for.

We can get the user id by reading sec_audit_log and we can probably deduce the
group id (which is the more important information) by determining the user's
capabilities with a call to Is_client_authorised or Get_client_permissions. I
feel there ought to be a simpler, and more elegant, way of getting this
information and I would like to know if anyone is aware of one.

Thanks again

Jon Needes

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