up/down ruleset

1998-08-06 18:17:20
Subject: up/down ruleset
From: Greg Redder <redder AT YUMA.ACNS.COLOSTATE DOT EDU>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 1998 16:17:20 -0600
I need a ruleset that detects when a node has gone up AND down 3 times
in 30 minutes.  I'm looking for catching the condition whereby a
router reboots itself.  I'm close, but I'm missing some logic which
I'm not sure how to apply within a ruleset.

The trick is catching the pattern:  node down -> node up -> node down
-> node up -> node down -> node up

I thought I was clever at first, by just looking for receiving 3 node down
events in 30 minutes.  This didn't work because, for example, we have a
router with several serial interfaces on it for our remote sites.  One
thunderstorm on the Eastern Plains of Colorado and those nodes typically
"disappear" for a while (lightning and those remote 56K lines don't get
along so well <smile>).  The problem is that my ruleset checks for 3
interfaces down signals in 30 minutes from the "origin" attribute.  Well,
I learned that if an interface with 2 IP addresses configured on it goes
down, I'll get 3 interface down traps each time it goes down: 2 for each
network that's down on the interface and one from the router indicating
that it has a down interface.  The problem is that these 3 traps all carry
the same "origin" attribute and will satisfy the ruleset.

You can't just check for 3 ups and 3 downs because you have the same
problem.  What I really need is to ensure that I get those traps
in the order of down,up,down,up,down,up and only then will I page
out the problem.  I need to create a ruleset where the order
of the traps over a period of time matters and I don't understand
how to do this???

Thank you --Greg Redder
            Network Analyst
            Colorado State University

Greg Redder                         Academic Computing & Networking Services
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601 S. Howes, Room 625              E-mail: redder AT yuma.colostate DOT edu
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