1998-08-05 16:48:15
Subject: /var/adm/smv2/log/sysinfod.log
From: Moise Dignard <DignardM AT STENTOR DOT CA>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 16:48:15 -0400
Hi Guys
     I am receiving some strange error messages from NetView (in the Events
window). And I am wondering if one of you could tell my what this is all
about (They all seem to be concerning /var/adm/smv2/log/sysinfod.log)

The Cards in the Events windows reads(3 samples):

Wed Aug 05 13:50:15 1998 e800l4_en1_srv A File monitor: SIA_log at Wed 05
13:42:11 CST 1998- File: /var/adm/smv2/log/sysinfod.log string: ERROR found
at line number: 47, Complete line: 902345726: 08/05/98 13;35:26 ERROR:
trapsmux_enterprise(): smux_trap(21, vbl): invalidOperation [smux_trap:
SMUX not opened]

"..time.." A File monitor: SIA_log at "..time.."- File:
/var/adm/smv2/log/sysinfod.log string: ERROR found at line number: 101,
Complete line: 901919165: "..time.." ERROR: Integer conversion error on
command result for entry name: TABLE_HEADER_TBL_TS

".all the same crap and...." ERROR: Unable to send specific trap: 21 for
file monitor...

Thank you

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