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1998-08-05 08:23:33
Subject: Re: Rulesets
From: Douglas Staub <Douglas_Staub AT KEYBANK DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 08:23:33 -0400
My first question is what type of handlers or decisions are you using
within your ruleset?  How often is the event occuring?  James Shanks of
Tivoli just sent a good piece on creating rulesets earlier this week and
might be worth taking a look at.

I have had similar problems using the inline action (hundreds of
defuncts!), however, I soon learned from James that executing a script
within an inline script is not a good idea if you are expecting many events
to be fully processed or if the script takes longer than 10 seconds or both
- this resulted in a modification to evaluate the event o my part using the
command for automatic action within the event itself and my problem has
since disappeared.

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Please respond to NV-L AT UCSBVM.ucsb DOT edu

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Subject:  Re: Rulesets

I'm running NetView 5 for AIX, AIX 4.2.
I have created a ruleset to control my net, configured as TEC forwarding
ruleset, the problem is that when the ruleset is running appear a lot of
<defunct> proccesses, being his father nvcorrd, daemon who execs the
to resolve it, temporaly, we have create a cron which restarts every night
nvcorrd daemon, but defuncts turn back to appear. What's the problem?
    Jose Luis <jarbo AT infocentre.gva DOT es>
    Servicio de Comunicaciones

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