Re: Fatal OVW error: Object not found

1998-08-04 16:14:38
Subject: Re: Fatal OVW error: Object not found
From: "Art C. DeBuigny" <art_man AT MAILEXCITE DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 13:14:38 -0700
 The best thing to do would be to rm -rf /usr/OV/databases/* and restore the 
entire databases directory from a backup, assuming you have one.

Art DeBuigny
debuigny AT dallas DOT net

On Tue, 4 Aug 1998 15:29:01    James_L._Miller wrote:
>Your help is requested.
>I am running an unsupported release of NetView for AIX (version 3.1.3), on a
>RS/6000 59H, AIX 4.2.1 operating system.
>Over this past weekend the /usr/OV/databases filesystem reached 100% capacity
>and corrupted the databases.  All subsequent attempts to open the GUI resulted
>in NO maps being displayed, and a pop-up window with the error:   Error in
>init_mapinfo, calling OVwBeginMapSync, for , error: The database is probably
>corrupted [2080.1].
>I have attempted several different techniques, and combinations, to resolve 
>situation, including NetView Smit, Restart MAP Generation, and Resolve Database
>Inconsistencies, to little avail.
>I also did a restore of the /usr/OV/databases/openview directory.
>I have been able to get the GUI to start and it does have the customized maps,
>however, I now have the problem of receiving the message: Fatal OVW error:
>Object not found.
>Reviewing the nettl.LOG00 log, the offending object is the 'IP Internet Object.
>The error message indicates it is corrupted or missing.  The OVwError code is
>Has anyone had this problem before, and/or, can you suggest a possible
>resolution to this situation?
>I thank all of you, in advance, for your assistance.

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