Re: Netmon dies!

1998-07-30 19:25:31
Subject: Re: Netmon dies!
From: Neal Wallace {DNSAKL} <NealW AT DATACOM.CO DOT NZ>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 11:25:31 +1200
I run Netview 5.0A on NT and have had the same problem in the past. A
solution that we found was to open (NT path - I'm sure if you tilt the
slashes you should find the same file) \usr\ov\conf\ovsuf and find the
_last_ entry for netmon (there will be many). The first character of
this line will be a '1'. Change this value to a '0' (zero). I think at
this point you may need to restart the daemons (if not the service or
the machine - try the daemons first of course).

The problem seems to be that Netview wishes to change a configuration
parameter, so in the initialisation file (ovsuf) goes to create a new
entry for netmon with the new parameter, changes the old instance to a
'1', sets the first digit to a '0' to indicate the active instance, but
somewhere along the way falls over. It happened to us several times in
the space of a couple of weeks (at times more than twice a day), but
came right all by itself (though we did use this temporary fix every

Good luck.

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>Subject:       Netmon dies!
>I beleive that this question was posed before...
>We are currently running NetView 5.0/AIX 4.2.  Very frequently netmon
>seems to be dying and we end up having to restart it (ovstart -v
>netmon).  Has anyone else come accross this problem, and can you offer a
>solution to the problem?
>Much appreciated,
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