Subject: CiscoView Integration with NetView

1998-07-27 02:05:09
Subject: Subject: CiscoView Integration with NetView
From: Rozi-Ai Abd-Rahman <Ai AT MESINIAGA.COM DOT MY>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 14:05:09 +0800
Try do the following

1) cat /usr/nms/install/install.kshrc >> /.profile (your profile used when
login to run nv)
(that script should exist after installation)
2) vi .dtprofile and uncomment the 1st line to read your /.profile

>Subject:  CiscoView Integration with NetView
>I am having a problem launching CiscoView from the Monitor menu when the
>NetView map is started from the Tivoli Desktop, i.e. Control --> Start
>Interface.  If I start the NetView map with the "netview" command, then
>CiscoView starts just fine.  I know there are certain environment
>that CiscoView requires to be set, e.g. NMSROOT.  I have added these
>variables to the /usr/OV/bin/applsetup file so that they get set when the
>NetView map is started.  Is it possible that applsetup is not run when the
>map is started from the Tivoli Desktop?  Does anyone have any suggestions?
Joel Gerber
Network Services - USAA

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