interface labels

1998-07-15 06:32:38
Subject: interface labels
From: Peter Hadamovsky <phadamovsky AT DEBIS DOT DE>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 12:32:38 +0200
Hi there,

It's not a real problem, but it is irksome:

Whenever I start my GUI (doesn't matter whether on the server or on the
client) and start drilling down into my submaps I reach the views were
the interfaces are shown. These are in some maps labelled with the type
of interface (TR, Ethernet, Serial, ...) but in some with the
IP addresses (the one I prefer). What's the reason for different labels?
If I go up to the IP Internet map and choose File - Describe Map..
highlight IP Map and do Configure for This Map ... How should interface
labels be shown? IP Address (verify and so on) - ...

And the next time this tool has forgotten how I wanted to have the
informations displayed?

Might there be a file I can edit, or do I forget a step?

Thanks for any help


        Peter Hadamovsky        debis Systemhaus GmbH   TKS/PB
                                Erich-Herion-Str. 13    70736 Fellbach
        phadamovksy AT debis DOT de    phone:  +49 711 1749501
                                fax:    +49 711 1749663

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