Re: Where could we obtain DEC OpenVms 6.2/7 file MIB

1998-07-14 08:19:16
Subject: Re: Where could we obtain DEC OpenVms 6.2/7 file MIB
From: Daniel Blaisdell <blaisdel AT GAR.ESYS DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 07:19:16 -0500

We are using TCPWARE to run TCP/IP between our OpenVMS systems.  We are also 
wondering where to find the "private" MIBs for OpenVMS to be able to monitor 
our systems using SNMP.  Does your reply mean that there are no "private" MIBs 
for OpenVMS 6.2/7 or does it mean that you do not know where they are?  Does 
your reply mean that we have to get "Digital TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Alpha" 
in order to get the "private" MIBs?  

The URL you referenced does not appear to reference MIBs at all the closest it 
comes to the subject of MIBs is the mention of SNMP in a short paragraph.
SNMP Extensible agent (eSNMP) 
             Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) provides support for 
             management. Extensibility means that an agent can support multiple 
subagents. This
             implementation has an agent, two subagents, and an Applications 

I ask your forgiveness for not understanding.  Please clarify your reply.


Daniel Blaisdell
Senior Software Engineer

From:   Otto Fuetterer[SMTP:Otto.Fuetterer AT DIGITAL DOT COM]
Sent:   Tuesday, July 14, 1998 1:36 AM
Subject:        Re: Where could we obtain DEC OpenVms 6.2/7 file MIB

OpenVMS does not come with an IP stack installed by default. You need to
select amoung several products.
You can install TCP/IP Service for VMS,  thats the product from digital
You can have TGV Multinet or Proces Software.

The Digital stuff does suport MIB-II and the Host Resources MIB and has a
programming Interface/API..
Have a look  at


Digital Services
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> From:         Luis Romero Huerta[SMTP:koldor AT JET DOT ES]
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> Subject:      Where could we obtain DEC OpenVms 6.2/7 file MIB
> Hi all:
> Could anybody tell us how could we download a "private" file MIB
> to manage DEC OpenVms Version 6.2 or 7 Systems? We use the
> same method to manage Unix Systems and it work well and fine.
> A little give for you. If you need to send a msg to a mobile phone
> without problem, send a email to
> +XXYYNNNNNN AT sms.co DOT za
> Where XX = Country
>              YY = Mobile Company
>              NNNNNN= Mobile number.
> Ex +3409456789         Send a msg to 909456789 of Company
>                                         TELEFONICA of Spain.
> and put the msg in Subject of Email.
> It works well ad fine. It could be a very good idea to automate some
> events actions, phoning to support call.
> Regards
>                                           Luis
> Luis Romero Huerta
> Michelin Spain Telecom Dept
> Phone +34 83 369034
> Fax +34 83 369034
> Email Romero-Huerta AT Michelin DOT com
>       koldor AT jet DOT es

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