Re: MLM and NetView

1998-07-11 15:01:21
Subject: Re: MLM and NetView
From: Jane Curry <jane.curry AT SKILLS-1ST.CO DOT UK>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 20:01:21 +0100
Rozi-Ai Abd-Rahman wrote:
> Hi NetView forum readers, I would like to ask a few question regarding MLM
> and NetView. I have a customer which are currently running NetView 4 + AIX
> 4.1.4 + Transcend Enterprise Manager 4.1 managing ATM network. The customer
> has got new requirement to link this site to another 20 sites nation wide
> and want to manage all the site from the main site using MLM for NT
> To buy a MLM for AIX and install for 20 sites is expensive so I would like
> to use MLM for NT instead just to manage a router, a few hubs and PCs on
> the remote site and install it on the existing NT server they have
> 1) I was told that I can get MLM for NT for free with NetView 5.1 is this
> right
Yup - MLM is now a no-charge feature of NV V5 - you get the code for all
supported MLM platforms (and I hear that the NT MLM is now LOTS better).

> 2) How is the licensing of this MLM? . Does it mean that once I upgrade the
> AIX NetView to version 5.1 I will get free MLM for NT and I can install
> onto that 20 machine all over the place .
> 3) What is the requirement for this MLM (for NT), memory , hd space,
> Hardware
>     lease line speed
> 4) Can I install this on any NT machine running without having to have a
> dedicated machine
I believe so - as ever, it depends on how much work you are going to
have your MLM doing, as to whether it performs....
> 5) And what is the HW, SW  requirement for the TME 10 NetView 5.1 for AIX
> if I were to upgrade.
According to the installation guide, for NetView Server you need an
RS/6000 43P, E20 or better, 128Mb minimum RAM, 160Mb in /usr/OV minimum
and 256Mb swap.  AIX seems to be OK anywhere from 3.2.5 upto 4.2.1 - I
know there was a problem with AIX 4.3 (not sure whether it is fixed
yet).  NetView 5.1 s not currently out but is expected as a refresh in
the next couple of weeks.
> Thanks for your help

Regards, Jane
Jane Curry
Skills 1st Limited, 2 Cedar Chase, Taplow, Bucks, SL6 0EU, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1628 782565

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