RE : Event Description, Event Configuration

1998-07-09 10:58:07
Subject: RE : Event Description, Event Configuration
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 16:58:07 +0200

The trap configuration is saved in the "/usr/OV/conf/C/trapd.conf" file. You 
can edit this file directly (stop/restart trapd deamon), or use the xnmtrap 
motif tool (the one launched from menubar). You can also manually add a trap 
configuration (addtrap) or merge some trap configurations (nvaddtrapconf). For 
all these commands, man pages are self-explicit.

PS : this is in NV4, but should not have changed in V5...


Luc Barnouin
Airsys ATM France

>Hi all, the question I have for you today is concerning Event
>Configuration. Basically here's the scenario:
>Go to the Control desk...select one event (by clicking on it)...Go to
>Options (in the Control desk menu)...Event Description...click on Modify
>(this let's you modify the selected event)
>After I entered a modification in the "Event log Message" and everything
>works fine. My question is:
>Is there a way to propagate that change in other NV box's, because there
>are 3 other NV's that monitor's the same equipment but I don?t want to add
>every modification that was made on my box to every other box (it would be
>to long).
>Or, there must be a file (somewhere on my box) that contains those events
>modification (the entire event configuration file), and I could just ftp
>that file to the other NV station. Therefore those events will be changed
>on the other NV also. But I don't know the name of that file or were is it.
>Could someone help me.
>PS NetView V5

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