Problems installing Framework on v4.3

1998-07-09 10:58:49
Subject: Problems installing Framework on v4.3
From: Cristina Zabeu <Cristina.Zabeu AT TIVOLI DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 09:58:49 -0500

You have to install a patch to the Tivoli Framework before following the
normal manual instructions. This is the README file for the patch. If
you don't have the patch available in your CD, you may ftp it from
"tivoli.com", as "anonymous". It is located under

Hope this helps,
Cristina Zabeu
Tivoli Systems


Date:   Nov 14, 1997

Patch:  3.2-TMF-0004

Component: Tivoli Management Platform (TMP)

Problems Fixed:

        TME 10 3.2 Support for AIX 4.3 - Defect 30004
                failure to identify AIX 4.3 as interp aix4-r1
                due to a difference in the uname information.

Architecture(s): AIX 4.3, aix4-r1

Patches superseded by this patch:


Patches this patch is dependent on:


Database Changes:


Patch Contents:

        - This README file
        - A new binary for TAS/INSTALL/install_engine
        - A new version of /usr/local/Tivoli/install_bundle/wserver
        - A new binary for /usr/local/Tivoli/install_bundle/bin/aix4-r1
        - A new binary for /usr/local/Tivoli/install_bundle/bin/aix4-r1
        - A script, 3.2-TMF-0004.part1, to help install the new wserver,

          wserver_gui, and wserver_cli files.
        - A script, 3.2-TMF-0004.part3, to automate the third stage of
          patch process.

Applying the Patch:

This is a 3 part patch.  Part 1 and Part 2 must be done on all machines
that will serve as AIX 4.3 TMR servers.  Part 3 needs to be done on all
non-AIX 4.3 TMR servers that will interface with AIX 4.3 ManagedNodes.
The first two parts of the patch resolve issues that arise when trying
install an AIX 4.3 machine as a TMR server.  It allows AIX 4.3 machines
to operate as servers to ManagedNodes for all of the supported operating

systems, including AIX 4.3 machines.  However, it does not resolve the
problem of installing AIX 4.3 machines as ManagedNodes within TMRs that
have non-AIX 4.3 servers.  In order to enable non-AIX 4.3 servers to
AIX 4.3 ManagedNodes, follow the instructions provided within Part 3, at

the bottom of this document, "Installing AIX 4.3 ManagedNodes."

Part 1 - Installing an AIX 4.3 TMR server

    1)  On an AIX 4.3 machine that will become a TMR server:
        First, issue the WPREINST.SH command, which will create some
initial files within the /usr/local/Tivoli/install_bundle directory.
The user MUST issue this command before applying the patch.  The
wserver command that WPREINST.SH tells the user to execute will fail
with the following message:  "Unable to guess system type.  Try setting
$INTERP."  The patch will work correctly whether or not the user issues
the wserver command.  In either case, the installation process halts
prior to completion.  The 3.2-TMF-0004 patch fixes this problem.  The
files that WPREINST.SH creates must exist on the AIX 4.3 system, so
this command must be executed before the application of the
3.2-TMF-0004 patch.

    2)  Acquire the 3.2-TMF-0004 patch
        FTP the 3.2-TMF-0004.tar file to your machine. Place the
3.2-TMF-0004.tar file into a scratch directory.  For the purpose of
this release note, assume that the symbol $PATCH points to this
directory.  Due to the fact that the Tivoli Framework did not complete
its installation, the 3.2-TMF-0004.part1 script must be run.  This
updates the wserver, wserver_gui, and wserver_cli files.  This portion
the patch process enables Tivoli to complete the installation process.
In order to run 3.2-TMF-0004.part1, it must first be moved to the
/usr/local/Tivoli/install_bundle directory.  The following command
sequence illustrates the necessary commands for completing Part 1 of the

        # cd $PATCH
        # tar xvf 3.2-TMF-0004.tar
        # mv $PATCH/TMF32004.part1 /usr/local/Tivoli/install_bundle/
        # /usr/local/Tivoli/install_bundle/TMF32004.part1 -p $PATCH

NOTE - The 3.2-TMF-0004.part1 script copies updated versions of wserver,

wserver_cli and wserver_gui, from the directory specified with the -p
parameter, into the correct locations within the
/usr/local/Tivoli/install_bundle directory structure.  If the user
wishes, (s)he can manually accomplish this by copying the versions of
these files obtained from the 3.2-TMF-0004.tar file to replace the
corresponding files within the /usr/local/Tivoli/install_bundle
directory structure.  The files to replace, for this example:

    3)  After the TMF32004.part1 script completes, the Tivoli platform
installation can proceed.  From the
/usr/local/Tivoli/install_bundle/ directory, issue the
./wserver -c <install path> command returned when WPREINST.SH finished.
The Tivoli desktop will appear.

Part 2 - The Post-Installation Patch

    1)  The user must install the 3.2-TMF-0004 patch to complete the
work for the AIX 4.3 update.  This patch can be applied via the GUI
desktop interface or via the wpatch command.  Use the following steps to

install the patch from the Tivoli desktop.  Refer to the manpage for
if you wish to use a command line installation.
        NOTE: You must have the install_product and super authorization
roles to successfully install this patch.

        a)  Select the "Install -> Install Patch..." option from the
           "Desktop" menu to display the "Install Patch" dialog.

        b)  Press the "Select Media..." button to display the "File
           Browser" dialog.

        c)  Enter the path to the directory containing the patch,
            $PATCH, in the "Path Name:" field.

        d)  Press the "Set Media & Close" button to return to the
           "Install Patch" dialog.

        e)  The patch install list now contains the name of the patch,
            3.2-TMF-0004.  Select the patch by clicking on it.

        f)  Select the clients to install this patch on. This patch
            changes a binary and needs to be installed on any AIX 4.3
            TME server.

        g)  Press the "Install" button to install the patch.

        h)  From the command line restart the Tivoli oserv using the
            Tivoli odadmin command:

            > /bin/sh
            > . /etc/Tivoli/setup_env.sh
            > odadmin reexec all

            NOTE: This command shuts down the TME desktop and restarts
            the Tivoli oserv on all managed nodes in the TMR.

Part 3 - Installing AIX 4.3 ManagedNodes

Non-AIX 4.3 TMR servers will not immediately support AIX 4.3 machines
as ManagedNodes.  However, by following the steps outlined below, the
TMR server will recognize and support AIX 4.3 as a ManagedNode.  If the
server is an AIX 4.3 machine, then the following steps are not
necessary because the 3.2-TMF-0004 patch enables the AIX 4.3 TMR server
support AIX 4.3 ManagedNodes.

Note - The modification made in Part 3 will be lost if the database gets

reset.  A reset of the database will not affect machines connected as
ManagedNodes prior to the database getting reset.  However, it will
prevent new AIX 4.3 ManagedNodes from being added to the TMR until the
above command for Part 3 is re-executed.

On the non-AIX 4.3 TMR server:
1.  The user must have the TMR role of "super" in order to execute the
3.2-TMF-0004.part3 script.  The script executes a series of commands
update the Tivoli database to support the use of AIX 4.3 machines as
        # 3.2-TMF-0004.part3

2.  In order to make the TMR aware of the changes to the database, issue

the following command, which will restart the desktop:
        # odadmin reexec

3.  Proceed with the standard steps for installing a ManagedNode.

In order to make the necessary changes on a non-AIX 4.3 TMR server by

Note -  Please pay special attention to avoid making any typographical
errors when entering these changes by hand.  If the data gets  changed
to some information other than what is specified below, all AIX 4.x
machines may exhibit irregular behavior.  These steps simply allow you
to manually make the changes done by the 3.2-TMF-0004.part3 script.
Therefore, unless the script can not be run on the non-AIX 4.3 TMR
for some reason, Tivoli recommends executing the script

1.  The first command will extract the Installation object's data and
it into a file so that you can make the desired modifications.
        # idlcall `wlookup Installation` _get_data > /tmp/data.out

2.  Edit the following line, a little over half way into the file
        aix4-r1=^AIX [-A-Za-z0-9_+.]+ [12] 4
and change it to
        aix4-r1=^AIX [-A-Za-z0-9_+.]+ [123] 4

3.  Issue the following idlcall command to replace the original
object with this new information.
        # idlcall `wlookup Installation` _set_data < /tmp/data.out

4.  In order to make the TMR aware of the changes to the database, issue

the following command, which will restart the desktop:
        # odadmin reexec

5.  Proceed with the standard steps for installing a ManagedNode.