Re: no connections

1998-02-06 13:49:57
Subject: Re: no connections
From: Oren Mamok <orenm AT PUBLIC.TADIRAN DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 18:49:57 +0000
Hello Leslie,
First of all i run the locate route and i always reach the routers directly.

there are no other nodes inbitween.
Our routers are Cisco's 2500 and 1600 running Ios v12.04.
there are 2 f/r lines and 1 point to point (HDLC).
As i understand the problem the objects exist but cann't be viewed on the
map - i dont know why but when i try to add the connection manually i always
keep getting the massege " Objects already exist ..selection name should
I deleted those objects once to create a new map ( with a seed file)
i run the ovtopofix command but maby it didnt delete it.
How can i for sure delete an object and let netview discover it properly?
Greetings ,Oren
P.S: i'm running netview ver. 4 on AIX v4.1.

Leslie Clark wrote:

> Oren, there can be a number of reasons why Netview will
> not draw the connections between routers, and most of them
> boil down the the agent on the routers failing to provide the
> necessary (RFC-compliant, standard) information about those
> interfaces. Tell us more: What kind of routers are they, what
> level of code are they running, what kind of interfaces are they?
> What level of Netview are you running, and what options have
> you turned on for netmon? Are you sure there are no missing
> nodes between the disconnected routers? Try Test....Locate
> Route via SNMP to see what the path should be. If you are
> on V4, you will have some trouble with Frame Relay. If they
> are Cisco frame relay below 11.2, you also will have trouble.
> If they are Bay using circuitless IP, they also cannot be connected.
> Your 'fake' connection is probably being reset  to the 'real'
> arrangement by netmon during its daily configuration poll.
> Cordially,
> Leslie A. Clark
> IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking
> Hello all,
> I'm having a strange problem with my nv6k ( v4) map.
> All the lateset routers which i have connected to our net are discovered
> without a line connection to the main router . Once i manually add this
> line ( of course with the exac ip map definitions) the line is added but
> disapear after a day or 2, and further more if i try to add another line
> the first one disapear...
> I have 4 routers with this problem .
> any ideas ?
> Greetings, Oren.

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