Re: [Veritas-bu] ESL Poor LAN Performance

2013-11-19 10:40:50
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What is the  os on the media server.


Are both the lto4 and the lto5 using the same drivers. The same hba’s. If the same make and model are the configs the same.


Can you mount a tape on the device and write on the tape using dd to see how the drive preforms without netbackup in the middle.

There might be an issue with the san hardware or the tape drives etc.


If the tape drive has no issues with the dd command, then you can use the gen-data policy directive for a test policy.



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Feel like my second home at the mo....

I have a crazy situation here, so wonder if anyone with HP G3 ESL experience can help.


7.5 environment, separate Media Server that can backup to LTO4 Library and new ESL Library.


Problem. Backups over the LAN throughput is really bad going to the LTO5 Library.


To give you an idea, 20 hours to backup 100GB.

I cancel the job, revert backup policy to the LTO4 library, same media server and backups of the same capacity done in 2 hours.


I have gone through all settings on the ESL, cannot see anything, found nothing to research, but I cannot sustain this sort of throughput!


Yet, I cannot quite understand why this is happening.

Any ideas welcome!


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