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                The biggest issue with is that while there is a monolithic install package for Windows Server 2012, there is no BMR support for Windows Server 2012.

                This is a deeply disappointing development.  BMR’s primary lever for widespread adoption in my organization is the inability of traditional system build of Windows 2008 to reliably recreate a reproducibly identical starting image for system recovery.  BMR implementation has transformed operational restore and DR processes for the better.  This was expected and is still required for Windows Server 2012.  Microsoft announced General Availability (GA) of Windows Server 2012 on September 4, 2012.  Large software organizations such as Symantec or Oracle have access to pre-GA code as much as a year prior to major releases like 2012.  The release of NetBackup was 10 months after GA of Windows Server 2012.


                Without BMR support for Windows Server 2012, Symantec has delivered a disservice to their NetBackup customer base with the release of v7.5.0.6.


                With respect to my organization, this means I now have to extend an already 4 month old project to upgrade 3 dozen global NetBackup installations past the hoped for terminus of upgrading from to  I now have to plan to upgrade to v7.6 far earlier than I would like.  V7.6.0.0 is unlikely to be appropriate for production use in an enterprise data center.  On the other hand, Windows Server 2012 is the delivery platform from Microsoft for Enterprise Network Services.  I must be able to backup and restore the core network services platforms operating within my environment.


                I’d remind Steve Bennett that he has been on the job for 12 months now.  But I am as disappointed now in Symantec as I have been in the past dozen years.  Will you turn around Symantec as Dave Cote turned around Honeywell, or will you be another Robert Nardelli?




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Any initial fallout after upgrading to NetBackup


Thanks in advance!

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