[Veritas-bu] bpstart linux and multi streams

2012-12-07 13:57:42
Subject: [Veritas-bu] bpstart linux and multi streams
From: su_A_ve <nbu-forum AT backupcentral DOT com>
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2012 10:57:35 -0800

Our implementation is running Netbackup 7.1 - master and media servers are 
running under Windows 2008 R2.

We need to backup some Linux and Solaris clients for which we need to create 
local DB dumps prior to the backup of happening (LDAP for example and a 
calendar application).  

The problem is that the documentation indicates to use the included 
bpstart_notify and bpend_notify scripts located in the netbackup/bin/goodies 
directory.  However, the servers only include DOS batch files - there are no 
unix/linux shell scripts.

I created a simple script that exits with the corresponding error level code, 
but of course this seems to be running for every stream. 

So - a) where can I get a copy of these scripts for linux and/or solaris, and 
b) how to do I ensure these run once before any of the streams start to backup 
and of course it's done only once?

Thanks in advance.

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